Mario Buhagiar (v-vi)

Editorial Preface
Joseph F. Grima (xvii-xviii)

The Birth of the Malta Historical Society
Albert Ganado (3-6)

Malta Historical Society Officials and Committee Members 1950-2010
Joseph F. Grima (7-14)

A Tribute to Albert Mayr:
Joseph F. Grima
Albert Mayr (1868-1924)
Hanna Stöger (17-18)

Why an 1896 Paper is being Re-Published, A Personal Note
Godfrey Wettinger (19-22)

On the History of the Older Christian church of Malta
Albert Mayr [translated by Hanna Stöger] (23-40)

Towards Virtual Access to Archives
Charles J. Farrugia (41-58)

Women and Society in Prehistoric and Ancient Gozo
Anthony Bonanno (61-72)

Robert Hay in Gozo and the Lost Stone Circle
Joseph Attard Tabone (73-84)

The Failed Siege of 868 and the Conquest of Malta by the
Aghlabid Princedom in 870

Simon Mercieca (87-102)

The Marquisate of Malta
Charles Dalli (103-116)

The Three-Year Famine and the Ambaxata di Malta 1468-69
Stanley Fiorini (117-138)

Wife versus Concubine in Gozo in 1486
Godfrey Wettinger (139-152)

The Knights and the Turks: The Official Version from Rhodes to Malta
Ann Williams (155-162)

The Hospitaller Auberge: A National Centre of Power Politics, Sociability, and Solidarity on Early Modern Malta
Victor Mallia-Milanes (163-174)

Girolamo Cassar as a Military and Civil Engineer:
The 'Spina Report' of 1594

Roger Vella-Bonavita (175-206)

A Window on the Acts of a Maltese Sixteenth-Century Notary Placido Abela
Joan Abela (207-236)

Signals on Maltese Galleys
Joseph Muscat (237-272)

New Light on the Archive of the Inquisition in Malta during French Rule 1798-1800
William Zammit (275-294)

Pirates in the Early British Era: The Maltese Connections
Giovanni Bonello (295-322)

Cleardo Naudi: The University's First Professor of Chemistry
Roger Ellul-Micallef (323-340)

A Volcanic Incident: Isola Ferdinandea or Graham Island?
Albert Ganado (341-354)

Maltese Survivors of Smyrna
Henry Frendo (355-368)

Malta Limestone goes to Europe: Use of Malta Stone outside Malta
Michael Ellul (371-406)

Valletta and Michele Cachia (1760-1839): A factual appraisal through his notebooks
André Zammit (407-432)

Notes for a History of Coral Fishing and Coral Artefacts in Malta
Francesca Balzan and Alan Deidun (435-454)

Sculpture in Malta in the Early Post-Muslim Period
Charlene Vella (455-466)

An Equestrian Portrait in Malta
Antonio Espinosa-Rodriguez (467-474)

A Note on Pietro Paolo Troisi (1686-1743)
John Debono (475-500)