G. F. Abela: Essays in his honour by members of the "Malta Historical Society"
on the Third Centenary of his death (1655-1955)

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Publisher's Note

E. A. Leopardi : Gian Francesco Abela: his life and career (7-14)

A. Bonnici : Descrizione delle "Descrittione di Malta" (15-22)

E. R.. Leopardi : Abela's work throughout Three Centuries (23-30)

J. Cassar Pullicino : G. F. Abela and the Maltese language (31-37)

J. Galea : Topography of Malta in Abela's times (38-48)

Guido G. Lanfranco : The Natural History of Malta as presented by Abela in 1647 (49-62)

J. Cassar Pullicino : Maltese Folklore in Abela's work (63-69)

R. Bonnici Cali' : The Corner Stone of the Malta Museum (70-81)

B. Fiorini : Il Comm. Abela e la Cronologia Episcopale di Malta (82-99)