Malta : A case study in international cross-currents

Preface & List of Abbreviations (ix, xiii-xiv)

Anthony Bonanno : Malta's changing role in Mediterranean cross-currents. From prehistory to Roman times (1-12)

Mario Buhagiar : Post-Muslim Malta: A case study in artistic and architectural cross-currents (13-31)

Anthony Luttrell : Medieval Malta: The non-written and the written sources (33-45)

Henri Bresc : Sicile, Malte et monde Musulman (47-79)

Godfrey Wettinger : Aspects of daily life in late-medieval Malta and Gozo (81-90)

Joseph M. Brincat : Language and demography in Malta: The social foundations of the symbiosis between Semitic and Romance in standard Maltese (91-110)

Stanley Fiorini : The development of mathematical education in Malta to 1798: A case study of cross-cultural influences (111-145)

David F. Allen : The social and religious world of a Knight of Malta in the Caribbean, c. 1632-1660 (147-157)

Victor Mallia-Milanes : From Valona to Crete: Veneto-Maltese relations from the late 1630's to the outbreak of the Cretan war (161-173)

Alain Blondy : La France et Malte au XVIIIème siècle. Le problème de la double nationalité (175-186)

Roger Ellul-Micallef : The Maltese medical tradition: Overseas contacts that have influenced its development (187-198)

Peter Vassallo : Romantic writers in Malta: Literary and Historical Perspectives (199-205)

Oliver Friggieri : Linguistic and thematic cross-currents in early Maltese literature (207-214)

Peter Serracino-Inglott : Pynchon and an international dimension of the Sette Giugno (215-226)

Henry Frendo : Plurality and polarity: Early Italian Fascism in Maltese colonial politics (227-240)

Barry Collett : The foreign office, the colonial office and the spy: The Belardinelli affair, Malta, 1934-35 (241-252)

Denis Mack-Smith : The Italian armistice of 1943 (253-266)

Dominic Fenech : Mediterranean regionality (267-277)

Fred Halliday : The politics of Islamic fundamentalism: Iran, Tunisia and the challenge to the secular state (279-300)