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Proceedings of History Week












Wettinger Godfrey Agriculture in Malta in the Late Middle Ages pp. 1-48

Ganado Albert Pietro Paolo Caruana: The first lithographs produced in Malta pp. 49-60

Montanaro Eugene F. Pietro Paolo Azzopardi: A forgotten sculptor pp. 61-75

De-Lucca Dennis The contribution of Francois de Mondion in the architectural development of 18th century Malta pp. 76-81

Borg Vincent Medical practitioners in 16th century Malta pp. 82-85

Cassar Paul A note on three Libri Mortuorum of the Holy Infirmary, the Civil Hospital of Valletta and the Central Civil Hospital of Floriana (1677-1885) pp. 86-93

Azzopardi Francis The appointment of Bishop A.M. Buhagiar as administrator apostolic of Malta pp. 94-107

Micallef Paul J. William Lassell in Malta pp. 108-109

Lanfranco Guido Exhibition on the History of Transport in Malta (Appendix)pp. 111-112


Ellul Michael Art and architecture in Malta in the early 19th century pp. 1-19

Sammut Edward A note on Stefano and Sebastiano Ittar pp. 20-27

Azzopardi John Count Saverio Marchese (1757-1833): his picture gallery and his bequest to the cathedral museum pp. 28-43

Azzopardi Francis Padre Luigi Bartolo OFM Cap. Designer and historian pp. 44-52

Buhagiar Mario The Xaghra ta' Santa Duminka hypogea: some reflections on Maltese paleochristian art pp. 53-58

Wettinger Godfrey The archives of Palermo and Maltese mediaeval history pp. 59-68

Deguara Aloysius The reverenda fabbrica di San Pietro delle Urbe in Malta pp. 68-88

Bezzina Joseph British diplomacy and the election of bishop Gaetano Pace Forno pp. 89-102


Buhagiar Mario The Maltese catacombs: characteristics and general considerations pp. 1-26

Bonanno Anthony Giovanni Francesco Abela's legacy to the Jesuit college pp. 27-38

Agius-Vadala Maurice Giovanni Myrti (1536-1590?): his life and work pp. 39-54

Cassar Paul An ex-voto of the plague of 1813 pp. 55-64

Zammit-Gabarretta Anthony Documents relating to the Maltese history in the state archives of Naples pp. 65-72

De-Giorgio Roger Advice on the fortifications of Mount Sceberras including Geronimo Cassar's contribution to their improvement pp. 73-96

Espinosa-Rodriguez Antonio The provenance of the paintings on permanent display at the National Museum of Fine Arts pp. 97-124

Ganado Albert Matteo Perez d'Aleccio's engravings of the siege of Malta of 1565 pp. 125-154


Bonanno Anthony The Maltese artistic heritage of the Roman period pp. 1-12

Bonnici-Cali Raphael Identification of the Bozzetto of Saint Paul's statue enshrined in Valletta pp. 13-20

Buhagiar Mario The Qormi pala d'altare and artistic patronage in Malta during the 15th and early 16th centuries pp. 21-32

Fiorentino Emanuel Edward Lear in Malta pp. 33-40

Fiorini Stanley Status animarum II: a census of 1687 pp. 41-100

Ganado Albert The siege map of Malta by Francesco de Marchi pp. 101-140

Grima Joseph F. The iconography of the Maltese Good Friday Processional Statues: their development between 1960 and 1984 pp. 141-153


Cassar Paul The gabinetto di lettura or reading room in 19th century Malta (1834-1886) pp. 1-14

Ellul Michael Carlo Gimach (1651-1730): architect and poet pp. 15-38

Espinosa-Rodriguez Antonio The painting of the cathedral dome at Mdina: a case study on ecclesiastical artistic patronage in Malta in the 19th and 20th centuries pp. 39-68

Ganado Albert A manuscript siege map of Malta recently discovered pp. 69-92

Pirotta Joseph M. Enrico Mizzi's political integrity: fact or fiction pp. 93-114


Dalli Charles Capitoli: the voice of an elite pp. 1-18

Busuttil Joseph Fragment from a register of the bishop's curia: 1489-1492 pp. 19-33

Zammit-Maempel George The Arabian voyage of 1761-67 and Malta: Forsskal and his contribution to the study of local natural history pp. 35-76

Sammut Joseph C. Maltese blockade medals pp. 77-87

Deguara Aloysius Social and charitable aspects of the tribunal of the Veneranda Fabrica di San Pietro pp. 89-99

Fiorini Stanley The earliest surviving accounts books of the cathedral procurator: (1461-1499) pp. 101-115

Grima Joseph F. Birth of a band club in the late nineteenth century: a case study pp. 117-126

Sciberras Keith The old parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin in Mqabba pp. 127-135

Ganado Albert Description of a splendid collection of 950 maps and views of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries at the Malta National Library pp. 137-228


Luttrell Anthony Giliberto Abate's report on Malta: circa 1241 pp. 1-29

Ventura Frank Possible evidence of time reckoning at Mnajdra pp. 31-38

Camilleri Patricia & Gingell-Littlejohn Ann The triclinia in the catacombs of Malta pp. 39-66

Said-Zammit George A. The Punic tombs of the Maltese islands pp. 67-80

Bugeja Gerald Two sixteenth century fresco paintings at Perugia representing St. Paul's shipwreck in Malta pp. 81-90

Sciberras Keith Late eighteenth century painters in Malta: a case study - the Via Crucis at the parish church of Naxxar pp. 91-106

Vassallo Carmel The brigantine trade in XVIII century Malta pp. 107-122

Muscat Joseph The Xprunara pp. 123-150

Ganado Albert The funeral of Angelo Emo in Malta in 1792: a pictorial record pp. 151-180

Buhagiar Mario The St. Paul shipwreck controversy: an assessment of the source material pp. 181-213


Aquilina George & Fiorini Stanley New documents relating to the origins of religious orders in Malta pp. 1-23

Bugeja Gerald A brief note on the black figure in the Mdina St. Paul polyptych pp. 25-31

Sciberras Keith Giuseppe Grech (1755-1787): clarification on his artistic activity pp. 33-49

Vassallo Carmel The consular network of XVIII century Malta pp. 51-62

Thake Conrad Architectural scenography in 18th century Malta pp. 63-76

Muscat Joseph The warships of the Order of St. John (1530-1798) pp. 77-113

Dalli Charles In Frontiera Barbarorum: waiting for the Turks in late mediaeval Malta pp. 115-126

Ganado Albert Sixteenth century plans of Valletta pp. 127


Zammit William Communicating a New Regime: The Maltese Printed Product during the French Occupation (1798-1800) pp. 1-52

Bruni Franco Musica alla Cattedrale e alla Concattedrale di Malta durante l'Occupazione Francese (1798-1800)pp. 53-66

Griffiths Victor G. A Letter to Inquisitor Monsignor Carpegna comprising a "Diary" account of events of the French Occupation (1798-1800) pp. 67-96

Azzopardi John The Personal Archives of Grand Master Hompesch pp. 97-104

Espinosa-Rodriguez Antonio Documents and Artefacts of the French Period at the Malta Maritime Museum pp. 105-108

Grima Joseph F. A Glimpse at the 1798-1800 Registers in the Qormi Parish Archives pp. 109-120

Catania Paul The Naxxar Parish Archives: The French Connection pp. 121-130

Zammit Winston L. Some Minor Figures connected with the Maltese Uprising against the French (1798-1800) pp. 131-136

Ciappara Frans The "Great Fear" of the French Revolution in Malta pp. 137-158

Gaillard Jean Malte 1798: Chronique du temps des Français. Qui était le Capitaine Masson? pp. 159-164

Cini Louis & Zammit William Bibliography of the French Rule in Malta: 1798-1800: an update pp. 165-168


Sayer Karen Modern Women's History: A Historiography pp. 1-16

Vella Yosanne Women victims of crime in eighteenth century Malta pp. 17-24

Cassar Carmel Magic, heresy and the broom riding midwife - the inquisition trial of Isabetta Caruana pp. 25-42

Chircop John Brokers, collectors, collaborators: Mediating colonial modernisation in Malta 1870-1914 pp. 43-56

Brincat Mario Thoughts on the prehistory of economic development Planning in Malta - From the Woods Report to the First Development Plan pp. 57-74

Teuma Eugene Paul Qanat, saqqajja and the Roman aqueduct system at Rabat, Malta pp. 75-100


La Salvia Sergio Mazzini e il Partito pp. 1-12

Bono Salvatore Il Risorgimento italiano e il Mediterraneo pp. 13-26

Casula Francesco Cesare Giuseppe Mazzini, Sardo o Italiano? pp. 27-36

Frendo Henry I Doveri dell'Uomo: Mazzinian Influences on Maltese Nationalism under British Rule pp. 37-46

Murgia Giovanni Giuseppe Mazzini e la Sardegna, "Un'appendice molto incerta dell'Italia" pp. 47-60

Mercieca Simon The 'Scoglio Ingrato': Archaeology, History and Mazzinian beliefs in Malta through the views of Francesco Crispi pp. 61-94

Bugeja Gerard Gli esuli italiani a Malta e il mito risorgimentale di Dante pp. 95-106

Eynaud Joseph Malta - dimora dei poeti e degli scrittori italiani durante le lotte risorgimentali pp. 107-114

Friggeri Oliver Letteratura degli esuli italiani a Malta durante il Risorgimento pp. 115-156

Portelli Sergio La stampa maltese come strumento di lotta politica nel Risorgimento italiano pp. 157-164

Cassola Arnold Il Giurnal Malti (1864-1866): un esempio di forte polemica anti-garibaldina pp. 165-174

GanadoAlbert A Book Printed in Malta on the Sicilian Revolution of 1848 pp. 175-194

Zammit William Mazzini and the Early Maltese Printers: The Naudi Episode of 1850 pp. 195-204

Dalli Charles Prophet of the Past: History in the making of Mazzini's Promised Land pp. 205-216

Serracino-Inglott Peter Mazzini e l'Europa pp. 217-221


Vella Charlene A Late Medieval and an Early Modern Window in the Reserve Collection of the National Museum of Archaeology pp. 8-27

Ganado Albert The Talents of Giuseppe Cannolo (1756-1845): An Appreciation pp. 28-36

Farrugia Krystle Count Saverio Marchese: A Conoscente with Special Reference to his Commentary on Uomini Illustri di Malta pp. 37-46

Cachia Stefan Perceptions of Poverty: A Hospitaller approach pp. 47-76

Galea Robert Roundel Carvings on Late Medieval and Early Modern Buildings in Malta: The Art Historical Context pp. 77-90

Grima Joseph F. Notes on Eighteenth-Century Naval Contacts between the Order of St John and Sweden pp. 91-96

Buttigieg Noel Is Bread Male or Female? Gender and Power Relations pp. 97-106

Mallia David Cross Currents in Emigration: Corporal A. M. Benscher and the proposed Maltese settlement in the Holy Land pp. 107-136

Gauci Matthew New Light On Webster Paulson and his Architectural Idiosyncrasies pp. 137-150

Spiteri Stephen S. A Cubete Artillero at Mdina? Gunpowder fortifications in late medieval Malta pp. 151-159


Vella-Bonavita, Roger Francesco Lapparelli and the building of Valletta pp. 1-28

Mallia, David The survival of the Knights’ Church in Tripoli pp. 28-46

Lupo, Valentina A study of the polychrome wooden statue of St John the Baptist located at Ħad-Dingli parish church pp. 47-68

Catania, Paul Don Juliano Borg: Parish priest of Naxxar, money lender, landowner (1570-1610) pp. 69-78

Farrugia, Aleks An Order in decline? An alternative perspective on the Order of St John pp. 79-94

Scerri, Adrian Of Briefs and Privileges: The role of the ambassador to the Holy See (Frá Marcello Sacchetti) in safeguarding the Order of St John's position during the 1680's pp. 95-104

Vassallo, Carmel Żejtun: an eighteenth-century 'Smart City' pp. 105-118

Gauci, Liam Shipwreck, enslavement and an angry wife: Corsairing in Malta in the late eighteenth-century pp. 119-130

Refalo, Michael The delimitation of boundaries between Church and State in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century Malta pp. 131-140

Fenech, Dominic How Malta lost self-government, 1930-1933 pp. 141-154


Abela Joan, Buttigieg Emanuel, Vassallo Carmel Editorial   pp. vii-xii

Frendo Michael The Magna Charta Libertatis of King Alfonso V of Aragon   pp.1-8

Fiorini Stanley Spanish Influence in Late Medieval Malta  pp. 9-28

Mallia David Malta: A Spanish Presidio in the Central Mediterranean?  pp. 29-40

Mercieca Simon Starting a Family in another Land: Spaniards in Malta, 1580s to 1640s  pp. 41-62

Thake Conrad Influences of the Spanish Palteresque on Maltese Ecclesiastical Architecture  pp. 63-74

Cilia Lycia The Hospitaller Monastery of Alguaire in the 18th century  pp. 75-92

Zammit William Ferdinando de Escaño's Propugnaculum Hierosolymitanum A Spanish-authored Publication and the Saga of its Censorship in mid-8th century Malta pp. 93-100

Ganado Albert The Spanish Roots of the Ganado Family and its Evolution in Malta  pp. 101-108

Gauci Liam A Majorcan Capitain's Adventures as a 'Maltese' Corsair in the 1770s: Rum, Coffee and a Silver Watch  pp. 109-118

Debono Sandro Mariano Girada: A Maltese Sculptor from Valencia  pp. 119-132

Peresso Giorgio Dħalna f'Madrid: The Spanish Civil War as viewed from Malta  pp. vii-xii

Pons Irazazábal José María Prólogo  pp. vii-ix

Muñoz Navarro Daniel, Ibáñez Castejón Francisco Javier, Vassallo Borg Carmel Introducción  pp. x-xii

Vassallo Peter Ángel de Saavedra, duqe de Rivas, en Malta (1825-30)  pp. 1-6

Morales Sánchez-Tembleque Marcial El Gran Priorato de Castilla y León y su realción con Malta: El vinculo jurisdiccional (siglo XVI y XVII)  pp. 7-38

de Ávila Gijón Granados Juan La Orden de Malta en la Monarquía Hispánica durante el ssiglo XVIII  pp. 39-68

Baudot Monroy María Los marinos sanjuanistas como grupo de poder en la Armada española del siglo XVIII  pp. 69-86

García Garralón María Honor y servicio a la Orden de San Juan y al Rey. La formación en las galeras maltesas y la brillante carrera del oficial de la Armada española Francisco de Liaño y Arjona (1688-1752)  pp. 87-104

Soler Pascual Emilio Semblanza de Jorge Juan y Santacilia, comendador de la Orden de San Juan. En el tercer centenario de su nacimiento  pp. 205-120

de la fuente de Pablo Pablo, Pujol Manelink Marcel Madera catalana para la construcción de buques de guerra a vela para la Orden de Malta  pp. 121-132

Ramos Eduardo Pascual Poder y linaje en la Orden de Malta  pp. 133-150

Muñoz Navarro Daniel, Franch Benavent Ricardo La articulación de la red mercantil maltesa en el Reino de Valencia durante el siglo XVIII. De la venta ambulante al establecimiento de tiendas textiles permanentes  pp. 151-168

Alfonso Mola Marina Malta, mercado de buques de segunda mano para la flota española de Indias  pp. 169-200

Martínez Shaw Carlos El comercio entre Malta y Cádiz a fines del Antiguo Régmen  pp. 201-216


Azzopardi Simone, Borg Jonathan, Mallia David Editorial   pp. vii-viii

Crowley, Roger ‘The Mediterranean’s Vienna’: the impact of the Great Siege on European History   pp.1-10

Vassallo, Carmel Lodging 1565 in the wider Scheme of Things: A fresh look at the primary documentation  pp. 11-21

Schembri, John A. The geographies of the Sceberras peninsula: examining its physical contours   pp. 22-37

Ganado, Albert Fresh discoveries of Malta Siege maps  pp. 38-51

Cutajar Nathaniel, Samut-Tagliaferro John, Spiteri Mevrick An archaeological perspective of the 1565 Great Siege: theoretical problems and interpretative possibilities – the case study of the Ghar l-Ahmar cemetery  pp. 52-69

Mifsud Christian, Samut-Tagliaferro Ella, Pace Anthony Fort St Elmo: An archaeological perspective  pp. 70-85

Xuereb, Charles The Great Siege of 1565: aftermath, cultural memory and the Maltese collective identity pp. 86-95

Mallia, David Dragut, Seraglio politics and the Great Siege of 1565  pp. 96-111

Nieto Sánchez, Carlos The Spanish intervention in the Great Siege of Malta  pp. 112-120

De Lucca, Jean-Paul The Siege of Malta and its Protagonists in Giano Pelusio’s Poetry  pp. 121-135

Menchetti, Francesco Before and after the Great Siege of Malta: architectural projects of the School of Urbino  pp. 136-145

Freller, Thomas The echo of the building of Valletta in the writings and works of German, Austrian, and Bohemian architects, engineers, and military men in Early Modern Times  pp. 146-175

Mifsud, Christian Valletta, a city in maps: The utility of cartographic sources in the study of historic urban development  pp. 176-188

Vella, Yosanne What is the best Pedagogy to use when teaching the Great Siege in Maltese History textbooks? Some examples of good practice  pp. 189-218

Magro Conti, Joseph Post 1565 Siege Renaissance – The Making of a city: Valletta  pp. 219-238

Buttigieg, Emanuel The 1565 Great Siege, The Founding of Valletta and Their Lasting Effects: Concluding Remarks  pp. 239-245


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