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Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 1(1952)1(33-49)

[p.33] Malta and the Second World War: a bibliography

Joseph Galea, M.B.E., M.D., D.P.H.

           For two anxious years in 1941 and 1942 the fate of the Second World War hinged on the defence of Malta. This little Island situated in the centre of the Middle Sea possesses strategic value of the highest importance, and the Power that controls it dominates the flow of men and material between three continents. The defence of Malta thwarted the Southern thrust of the Axis powers and barred their way to India and the Far East thus frustrating the eventual link up between the Japanese forces and their European allies, on which depended the ultimate success of the Axis powers.

           During those two long and weary years the world wondered at the outcome of the battle of Malta; all peoples, friends and foes alike, were filled with admiration for the heroic stand of this little Island. The immediate effect of that admiration was a surge of enthusiasm which engendered a flood of publications in various languages and in many lands. Some of these publications were lost in the confusion of those hectic times, others have since been forgotten, but all of them possess a certain intrinsic value, being contemporary to the events which they describe, and therefore have the importance of actuality. Many other publications were written after some time by persons who had played their part in, or were witnesses to those events.

           Those publications therefore may be considered as useful documents, and at some future date they may serve as valuable sources of information to the historian engaged in relating the story of those stirring times. With this aim in view I have given here a short list of publications related to that eventful period in the history of Malta.

           The greater part of the list was prepared from a private collection of books and other publications, and represents a comprehensive idea of the multiplicity of angles from which war circumstances in Malta were viewed. Some of the publications are not, strictly speaking, records of war conditions in Malta, but they were actuated by such conditions. The fame acquired by this Island created universal interest; the reading public throughout the world became Malta-conscious and wanted to know everything about the Island and its people; hence the great variety of publications that ensued.

           The purpose of this list is to help not only the historian but also those who take an intelligent interest in the affairs of Malta. With this object in view a classification has been formulated suitable for easy reference. The publications have been grouped under four headings: narrative, descriptive, political and miscellaneous. [p.34] The line of distinction, especially between the two first groups, is not well defined but an attempt has been made to sort out as much as possible the various publications in their relative groups.

           Generally speaking descriptive and narrative works appeared in allied countries, whilst political publications were more prevalent in enemy countries: miscellaneous publications originated from various sources. Narrative works included war novels which give a good picture of life in wartime Malta.

           The four main groups have been further subdivided into books, pamphlets, sections in books, articles in periodicals and press references. This distinction has been made for the benefit of the reader and to facilitate reference. All publications with more than 100 pages have been classified as books, those with 100 pages. or less have been entered as pamphlets; this classification has been adopted merely for the sake of convenience, Nearly all the books and pamphlets are fully documented and profusely illustrated. There were innumerable articles in periodicals and newspapers the value of which is chiefly pictorial. Whenever possible the name of the author or the editor is given; in press references however only the title of the relative organ is mentioned.

          It has been thought proper to add to this collection a list of periodicals and newspapers that were issued in Malta and abroad exclusively as wartime publications. These were quite different from and independent of the ordinary daily or periodical local press such as the “Times of Malta,” “Il-Berqa,” “Leħen Is-Sewwa,” “Il-Malti,” “Leħen il-Malti,” that continued to appear uninterruptedly throughout the war and contain very interesting material about war conditions in Malta.

           The world-wide impression made by Malta during the war did not end with the cessation of hostilities. In fact the Island maintained its hold on the imagination of writers as well as on the attention of the public. This explains the post-war publications, which contain interesting chapters or sections about Malta. Some of these publications are of the nature of personal memoirs or reminiscences, others deal with the aftermath of war in Malta such as reconstruction, political developments, social problems etc. In order to make this list as comprehensive as possible the period covered extends from 1939 to 1950 i. e. from the first year of the War to five years after its conclusion.

          The following list of publications is by no means complete; admittedly there are many other publications on the subject which have escaped my attention. My primary aim in the compilation of this list has been to encourage and induce others to publish additional lists so that a complete bibliography of war publications about Malta may be available.



1.         MALTA AT BAY: An eye-witness account, by R. Leslie Oliver. London, Hutchinson & Co. Ltd., 1942. 108 p. illus.
2.         MALTA MAGNIFICENT, by Francis Gerard. London, Cassell & Co. Ltd., 1943 1943. 192 p. illus.


3.         THE UNCONQUERED ISLE: The Story of Malta G.C., by Ian Hay. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1943. 208 p. illus.
4.         TATTERED BATTLEMENTS: A Malta Diary, by A Fighter Pilot. London, Peter Davies, 1943. [iv], 134 p. illus.
5.         GRACE UNDER MALTA, by Sybil Dobbie. London, Lindsay-Drummond, 1943, vi, 157 p.
6.         MALTA SPITFIRE: The Story of a Fighter-Pilot, by Flying-Officer George F. Beurling and Leslie Roberts. London, Hutchinson & Co. Ltd., 1943 112 p. illus.
7.         WOMAN IN MALTA, by Tamara Marks. Cairo, R. Schindler, 1943 [viii], 107 p.
8.         MALTA BESIEGED, by R. Leslie Oliver. London, Hutchinson & Co. Ltd., 1944. 176 p. illus.
9.         MALTA STRIKES BACK: The Story of 231 Infantry Brigade, by Major R.T. Gilchrist. Aldershot, Gale & Polden Ltd., 1945. [viii], 136 p. illus.
10.       DRAMA IN MALTA: A personal Flash-Back, by Lt. Col. H.E.C. Weldon [1946 ]. [vii], 133 p., illus.
Printed by Printing & Stationery Service, British Army of the Rhine.
11.       AN ISLAND BELEAGUERED, by F.S. Dedomenico. Malta, Giov. Muscat, 1946. [viii], 187 p.
12.       BRIEFED TO ATTACK: Malta’s part in African Victory, by Air Marshal Sir Hugh, Lloyd. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1949. 231 p. illus.
13.       TAĦ T IN-NAR: Djarju ta’ Ġ. Ellul Mercer, 1940-41. Malta. Giov. Muscat, 1949. 174 p.


14.       MALTA STORY, by W.L. River. New York, Dutton & Co., Inc., 1943. 222 p.
War Novel. Based, on the diary and experiences of Lt. Howard M. Coffin, USAAF, formerly Flying Officer of the RAF.
15.       THE SHIP, by C.S. Forester. London, Michael Joseph Ltd., 1943. 128 p.
War Novel.
16.       SPITFIRES OVER MALTA, by Rowland Walker. London, A. & C. Black Ltd., 1944. viii, 183 p. illus.
War Novel.
17.       GRAND BARRAGE, by Gun Buster. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1944. 186 p.
War Novel.
18.       TARGET ISLAND, by John Brophy. London, Collins, 1944. 159 p.
War Novel.
19.       ĠRAJJA TAL-GWERRA, by Ġuzè Galea. Malta, Giov. Muscat, 1948. 153 p.
Short Stories of the War.



20.       SEHEM MALTA FL-AKBAR GWERRA: Storja tal-Gwerra, ta’ Ġużè Belli. Valletta, Popular Printing Press, 1941. Serial, incomplete.
21.       MALTE PASSE A L’ATTAQUE. [1943]. [12 p.].
22.       THIS IS MALTA, by Capt. E. Bonello. London, Normal Press Ltd., 1943. 27 p.
23.       MALTA INVICTA, by Bartimeus. London, Chatto & Windus, 1943. 32 p. illus.
24.      MALTA AND HER SONS, by Ivo Muscat Azzopardi, published by “Xirka Tixrid Qari Malti u Propaganda,” Alexandria, Egypt, 1943. 31 p.
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26.       THE AIR BATTLE OF MALTA: The Official Account of the R.A.F. in Malta, June, 1940 to November, 1942. London, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1944 95 p. illus.
27.       X’ĠARRBET MALTA: Ġrajja tat-Tieni Assedju Kbir ta’ Malta, by Salv. Mifsud. Malta, A.C. Aquilina & Co., 1949. 67 p. illus.

Fiction (including Drama):

28.       IL-ĠABRA TAL-QAMĦ , ta’ Ġorġ Pisani. Malta, A. C., Aquilina & Co., [1942] 17 p.
Radio Play.
29.       IL-BARRAKKA TA’ KATRIN, ta’ P. Pawl Tabone, O.F.M. Malta, Empire Press, 1943. 15 p.
Short story. Offprint from “Il-Malti.”
30.       L-IBLEH TAŻ-ŻENQA T-TWILA: Tifkira tal-Milied żmien il-Gwerra (1941-1942), ta’ A. Cremona. Malta, Empire Press, 1943, 15 p.
Short story. Offprint from “Il-Malti.”
31.       IL-MINA TAL-IMĦ ABBA: Novella ta’ A. Cremona. Malta, Tip. S. Ġużepp. 1945. 15 p.
Short story. Offprint from “Leħ en il-Malti.”
32.        INKWIET FID-DAR, by Ġużè Galea. Malta, Stamperija ta’ S. Ġużepp, 1945. 40 p.
War Play.
33.       DAWL U DLAM, by Ivo Muscat Azzopardi. Malta, Giov. Muscat, 1946, 32 p.
War Play.
34.       MALTA: A KITTEN, by Mary F. Moore. London, Macmillan & Co. Ltd. s.d. 64 p. illus.
Juvenile fiction.


35.       RULE BRITANNIA, by Cecil King. London, 1941. xii, 280 p. illus.


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39.       HIS MAJESTY’S MINESWEEPERS: Prepared for the Admiralty by the Ministry of Information. London, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1943. 62 p. illus.
40.        EASTERN MED, by B.J. Hurren. London, Frederick Muller Ltd., 1943. 160 p.
41.       EAST OF MALTA WEST OF SUEZ: the Admiralty Account of the Naval War in the Eastern Mediterranean, September 1939 to March 1941. London, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1943. 63 p. illus.
Appeared in French in 1943 under the title “De Malte a Suez.”
42.       OUR PENELOPE, by Her Company, (Guild Books No. 117). London, British Publishers Guild, 1943. 94 p. illus.
43.       THE BEGINNING OF THINGS, by Flying Officer “X.” In “How Sleep the Brave and Other Stories,” (Guild Book No. 17). London, British Publishers Guild, 1943. pp. 54-59.
Short story of the War.
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The Mediterranean experiences of a British Destroyer Officer in 1941.

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A personal account of the three years struggle against the Axis in the Middle East and North Africa, 1940-43.
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See also No. 69.
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See also No . 60.
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            The following periodicals and newspapers were issued exclusively as war-time publications:—

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            I wish to express my sense of gratitude to my friend Mr. J. Cassar Pullicino, the well known scholar of local folklore and history, for his unremitting help and advice which were of inestimable value to me in the compilation of this list. Thanks are also due to Mr. Jos. Galea and Mr. E.R. Leopardi of the Royal Malta Library for their assistance during my research at that library.



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