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Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 1(1952)1(53)

GIBB, JOHN.—The Birds of the Maltese Islands, in “Ibis” vol. 93, 1951, pp. 109-127.

Mr. Gibb, who is a member of the Edward Grey Institute Dept. of Zoological Field Studies, Oxford, was stationed in an anti-aircraft unit in Malta between August 1941 and July 1945. The learned author is of opinion that the number of breeding species on Malta is much less than in equivalent habitats in Sicily, though sometimes the ecological niche of a species is wider than that occupied by the same species in Sicily.

Mr. Gibb is also the author of three more contributions relating to Malta: Singing of birds on Malta and Gozo, in “British Birds” vol. 39, pp. 354-357; Migrants through Malta and Gozo, Oct. 1941-July 1945, in “British Birds” vol. 40, pp. 71-78; and Some notes on the Spectacled Warbler in the Maltese Islands, in “British Birds” vol. 40, pp. 298-305.