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Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 1(1953)2(75-86)

[p.75] Malta in British Periodicals1915-51: A Select List


J. Cassar Pullicino, A.L.A.

The list which follows is based on the entries under MALTA appearing in the Library Association’s Subject Index to Periodicals since 1915. This Subject Index is to be found in the majority of British libraries: however, as no library in Malta subscribes to the Index it is well to include here a few notes on this important work of reference.

The Subject Index to Periodicals, published by the Library Association of London, has been appearing annually since 1915, except for the years 1923-25. In its early years it had a different title, i.e. Athæneum, and appeared as a series of class lists for different subjects. It is now an alphabetical subject-index to the contents of some 374 periodicals, all of which are in the English language. The Subject Index is intended principally to serve the general reader, and highly specialized periodicals whose contents are covered by sectional indexes and abstracts are not dealt with. However, the fact that it analyses so many important periodicals which are not indexed elsewhere makes it of great value to scholars and research workers in many branches of learning.

The scope of the Subject Index is primarily the humanities and the social sciences. The titles indexed include practically all the important periodicals on subjects of wide appeal, a few of the more general technical and semi-technical periodicals, and many of the publications of local societies — county, archaeological and natural history societies. Some of the indexing is done at the Headquarters of the Library Association, and some is done by co-operating libraries, the latter entries being edited before being incorporated with the material indexed at Headquarters. Though the Subject Index is not exhaustive, it may be considered to be extremely well-balanced in its selection. [1]

All the articles listed here appeared under the heading MALTA, with suitable sub-headings, e.g.. MALTA. Antiquities, or else under another heading, with appropriate see or see also references from the heading MALTA, e.g.

MALTA. See also under MAN, PREHISTORIC: Malta (following entries).

My aim in collecting all entries in one list has been to give a good picture of important contributions relating to Malta in responsible British periodicals from 1915 to 1951. At the same time this list is intended to enable students and research workers to trace as much material as possible on a given subject or this purpose [p.76] the titles of the articles have been re-grouped under headings such as a research worker would be interested in. No attempt has been made, however, to assess the value of the articles listed, and it is hoped that the researcher will use his selective judgment in the analysis of the research and information value of the contents of the articles, which are of varying standards. This especially applies to articles published in the pre-war and immediate post-war period.

An author index at the end refers to the numbered entries of the list under each main heading subjects are again split into sub-headings, arranged alphabetically, and the articles under each are listed chronologically by date of publication. An alphabetical list of periodicals in which the articles appeared is given at the beginning, together with the year of first publication, when this is available. [2] To economise in space periodicals are referred to in their abbreviated form in the entries, and a list of abbreviations used is also given.

The Maltese research worker so far has been greatly hindered in his work by the lack of suitable bibliographical aids. It is hoped that the present lead given by the “Malta Historical Society” in encouraging the compilation and publication of such lists will improve matters, and provide the much-needed and long-denied tools to the student of local history.

List of Periodicals

Aeroplane 1911
Ancient Egypt 1914-35
Antiquaries Journal 1921
Antiquity 1927
Archaeology 1770
Architect 1868 (now incorporated with “Architect and Building News,” 1926)
Architectural Association journal, 1887
Architectural Review 1896
Army Quarterly 1920
Art and Archaeology 1914
Blue Peter 1922
British Medical journal 1857 (as “Provincial, Medical and Surgical journal,” 1840.)
Builder 1842
Bulletin of New York Public Library 1897
Bulletin of School of Oriental & African Studies 1917
Churchman 1879
“Comptes Rendus, etc., Académie des Sciences” 1840
Connoisseur 1901
Contemporary Review 1866

Country Life 1897
Crown Colonist 1931 (now incorporated with “New Commonwealth” 1951)
Discovery 1920
Dublin Review 1836
Empire Review 1901 (now “Commonwealh & Empire Review” 1944)
Field 1853
Folk-Lore 1890
Foreign Affairs (N.Y.) 1890
Fortnightly Review 1865 (continued “Fortnightly” 1934)
Geography 1927 (started as “Geographical Teacher” 1901)
Geographical Magazine 1935
Illustrated London News 1842
International Labour Review 1921
Journal of British Archaeological Association 1843
Journal of Comparative Legislation 1896
Journal of Documentation 1945
Journal of Hygiene 1901
Journal of Roman Studies 1911
Journal of Royal Anthrop. Institute


Journal of Royal Artillery 1873
Journal of Royal Institute of International Affairs 1922 (now “International Affairs,” 1931)
Journal of Royal Society of Arts 1852
Journal of Royal United Services Institution 1857
Journal of Washington Academy of Sciences 1899
Man 1901
Mariner’s Mirror 1911
Menorah journal (N.Y.) 1915
Metereological Magazine 1866
National Geographic Magazine 1899
Nature 1869
New English Review 1911 (now “The National & English Review,” 1950)
Notes and Queries 1849
Numismatic Chronicle 1839
Papers of Manchester Literary Club 1875
Proceedings of Prehistoric Society of East Anglia 1908-34
Proceedings of Philosophical Society, Glasgow
Proceedings of Royal Society of Medicine, 1907

Proceedings of Society of Antiquaries of London I-II Series [1844] -1921
Railway Magazine 1897
Review of Legislation (suppt. to “J. of Comp. Legisl.”) 1896
Review of Reviews 1890 (incorporated with “World Review” 1936; also incorp. “World” 1934)
Royal Engineers journal 1870
Saturday Review of Literature 1924
Scottish Historical Review 1903
Spectator 1828
Tablet 1840
Times 1788 (as “Daily Universal Register,” 1785)
Times Literary Supplement 1902
Town Planning Review 1910
United Empire 1910
Water and Water Engineering 1899
World Review 1936
World Today 1945 (as “Bulletin of International News,” 1924)
Zoologist 1843-1916 (incorp. with “British Birds”)


Acad. = Academy
Anc. = Ancient
Antiq. = Antiquarian, Antiqaries.
Anthrop. = Anthropoligical
Archaeol. = Archaeology, Archaeological.
Archit. = Architectural
Artill. = Artillery
Assn. = Association
B.M.J. = British Medical Journal
Bibl. = Bibliography
Brit. = British
Bull. = Bulletin
C.R. = “Comptes Rendus”
Chron. = Chronicle
Col. = Colonist
Comp. = Comparative
Contemp. = Contemporary
Docum. = Documentation
E.. = East.
Eng. = Engineering
Fig. = Figure
For. = Foreign.
Forth. = Fortnightly
Geogr. = Geographical, Geography.
Hist. = Historical
Illus. il. = Illustrated
Int., Inter = International

J. = Journal
Lab. = Labour
Legisl. = Legislation
Lit. = Literary
Lond. = London
Mag. = Magazine
Manch. = Manchester
Med. = Medicine
Metereol. = Metereological
N. = New
Orient. = Oriental
Numis. = Numismatic
Philos. = Philosophical
Proc. = Proceedings
Prehist. = Prehistoric
Q. = Quarterly
R. = Review
Revs. = Reviews
Rept. = Report
Roy. = Royal
S. = Series
Sci. = Science, Scientific
Schl. = School
Scot. = Scottish
Soc. = Society =Studies
Stud. = Studies
T.L.S. = Times Literary Supplement



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Labour Conditions

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Cart-Ruts and Cart-Tracks

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Neanderthal Man

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Stone Age

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Medical School

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Malta and Empire

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See under MEDICINE: Medical School.


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Despott, G. 27, 28, 35, 86, 87, 130-
Dessoulavy, C.L. 66
Dobbie, Sir William, 124, 125, 126
Don, F.A. 129
Du Cane, Sir John 8
Dudley Buxton, L.H. 60, 61, 63
Dukinfield, H. J. Astley 33, 34
Eden, F.S. 83
Edwards, John 79, 81
Fabri, George 42, 64, 112
Fenton, E.G. 21
Galea, Jos. 56
Ganado, J.M. 69
Gibson, M.O.J. 72
Gray, Albert 70
Greene, Marc T. 115

Grieve, Averil Mackenzie 55, 85
Griffiths, William A. 13
Gullett, W.M. 120
Hardy, H.N.M. 23
Harrington, John P. 67
Hartfall, S.J. 73
Hort, A.V.D. 39
Howling, G.T. 46, 47
Hughes, Edith 16
Keith, Arthur 36
Langley, Michael 106, 107, 108, 109
Lipscomb, F.E. 72
Lloyd, Sir Hugh 132
Luke, Sir Harry 2, 131
MacIver, David Randall 19
Mackenzie-Grieve, Averil 55, 85
Marett, R.R. 14
Minton, E.E. 78
Murray, Margaret A. 24, 43
Newark, John R. 122
Newman, E.W. Polson 97
Powell, J W. Damer 57
Power, Barbara 4
Pratt, Jean 50, 121
Pullicino, J. Cassar 62
Pulverstaft, T.J. 98
Robinson, G.W.S. 12
Roth, Cecil 65
Scobell, Sir John 123
Seltman, Charles 77
Sewell, J.W.S. 118
Simnett, W.E. 114
Smith, K.P. 128
Strickland, Mabel E. 1, 102, 127
Vaughan, Herbert S. 80
Vincent, H. 71
Wainewright, John B. 58
Walter, Richard 3
Ward-Perkins, J.B. 20, 51
Waugh, Evelyn 99
Wicker, E.A. 17
Woolf, Bella Sidney 5
Zammit. Sir Themistocles 15, 18, 25, 28, 37, 38,
1, 45, 76

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[2] I am indebted to Miss J. Binder, A.L.A., of St. Alban’s Public Libraries, for her help in checking various sources which are not available in local libraries to trace the years of publication given in the list of periodicals.