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Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 1(1954)3(186-187)

VALLETTA, A., A Century of Butterfly Hunting in Malta. In “The Link,” No. 10, Candlemas, 1953 pp. 4-7.

This is an interest study by an enthusiastic student of the Fauna- Lepidoptera of Malta. One half of the article is taken up with useful bibliographical information which traces in narrative form the study of the subject as far back as 1813. For the convenience of students the material is here condensed in list form:

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[p.187] Mr. Valletta has himself contributed to the study of the subject the following articles in local and foreign periodicals:

. Tag. ħ. rif fuq il-friefet tal-passa. . In Il-Bidwi, March, 1945. Il-friefet u l-pjanti. In Il-Bidwi, June, 1945. Butterfly Find. In Times of Malta, March 23rd, 1948. Lepidoptera in Malta. In Times of Malta, August 30th, 1948. Syntarucus telicanus Lang. (Lep. Lycaenidae) in Malta. In Entomologist 81: 100, 1948. Polygonia egea Cram. (Lep. Nymphalidae) in Malta. Loc. Cit., 81: 151, 1948. Gegenes pumilio Hoffn. (Lep. Hesperidae) in Malta. Loc. Cit., 82: 190, 1949. Rare Butterfly — Danaus Chrysippus Lin, Var alcippus Cram. (Lep. Danaidae) In Sunday Times of Malta, April 13th, 1952.

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