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Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 1(1954)3(150-155)

[p.150] A Checklist of British Official Publications relating to Malta 1801-1950

Compiled by

Donald H. Simpson,

The following list is based on the official indexes to Parliamentary Papers covering the years 1801 to 1949 published by H.M. Stationery Office, but many additional items have been added from the Bibliography of the Cambridge History of the British Empire, Vol. II, the Catalogue of Parliamentary Papers 1801-1900, published by P.S. King, and from the Library of the Royal Empire Society. Though it is hoped that this list is thus more complete than any other hitherto published, there are many general official publications on the Commonwealth and Empire as a whole, particularly those referring to trade and defence, which contain material relating to Malta, but whose inclusion would hardly be practical.

In many cases the titles of official papers have been summarised, and this list makes no claim to bibliographical exactitude. It is meant to serve as a guide to what has been published, and, to ensure identification, the Command or other official number of each item has been given.

The classification under ten headings is an approximate one, and is intended as a general guide only.

I—Administration, Constitution, and Political Questions

1802-3 Papers respecting the guarantee of Russia relative to Malta (88).

1817 Papers relating to Malta and the Ionian Islands (217).

1819-20 Return of Civil Officers at Malta (91).

1828 Acts and proceedings of the Legislative Colonies (191). Includes Malta.

1836 Papers relating to the Government, Customs, Pensions etc. (39).

1837 Names and Number of Commissioners, Secretaries etc., attached to the Commission of Inquiry into the Affairs of Malta; Places and Periods of official Duties and Sittings; Salaries; Expenses incurred; Amount paid and due, and for what cause withheld. (in 290).

1837-38 Reports of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Affairs of the Island of Malta, and of Correspondence thereon. (Parts I and II) (141).

1839 Ibid, Part III (140). N.B. An Index to the Report was issued in 1847 (in 710-IV).

1839 Further Correspondence relative to the Reports of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Affairs of the Island of Malta (211).

1846 Applications from Malta for Representative Government, together with the Answers thereto. (in 400).

1846 Petition of the Inhabitants of Malta, complaining of grievances, and of the interference of the Police at the last Carnival; Correspondence on the same subject; Despatches from the Governor of Malta on the subject of the events which took place on the Celebration of the Carnival on that Island. (343).

1846 Despatches of the Governor of Malta, on the events which took place on the Celebration of the Carnival. (513)


1864 Petition from Inhabitants praying for Reforms and referring to certain acts of the Governor; and Correspondence 2 pts. (243 and 531).

1869 Despatches in 1847-1849 relative to the establishment of a Council of Government and Legislative Chamber in the Island; Reports on Municipal Institutions; and Correspondence on the Combination of the Civil and Military Administration under the same Head (217).

1870 Correspondence with reference to the admission of Ecclesiastics into the Council of Government at Malta (251).

1876 Copies of Despatch of Lord Carnarvon to the Governor of Malta, dated 22nd day of May 1875 (No. 72) and all Letters and Papers relating thereto; and of Mr. Cardwell’s Despatch of the 19th day of September 1864. (153).

1877 Papers relating to the Malta Council of Government (340).

1878-79 Correspondence respecting the Taxation and Expenditure of Malta, and on the riots. 2 pts. (C. 2032 and C. 2317).

1880 Report on the Civil Establishments of Malta by Sir Penrose Julian (C. 2684).

1880-88 Correspondence respecting the Constitution and Administration of Malta 1880 (C 2729). Further Correspondence 1882 (C 3334) 1883, (C 3524), 1884 (C 3948), 1884 (C 4165), 1884-1885 (C 4586), 1888 (C 5308), 1888 (C 5338)

1887 Return to an address of the House of Lords, dated March 4th 1887 for further correspondence respecting the constitution and administration of Malta (84).

1883 Papers relating to the maintenance in Malta of Egyptian refugees (Med. 18).

1889 Return showing Constitution of the Executive in each Colony...... and of the Assemblies (70).

1890 Copies of the Proclamations issued by Mr. Cameron, Civil Commissioner for Malta, dated 15th day of July, 1801: and by Sir Thomas Maitland, the first Governor of Malta, dated 5th day of October 1813 (315).

1898 Exchange of notes extending to Malta the Provisional Modus Vivendi between the U.K. and Belgium (9082).

1899-1910 Correspondence relating to the Political Condition of Malta 5 pts 1899 (287), 1901 (Cd 715), 1903 (Cd 1660), 1904 (Cd 2023), 1910 (Cd 5217).

1912-13 Report of the Royal Commission on the Finances, Economic position, and Judicial Procedure of Malta (Cd 6090).

1912-13 Evidence laid before the above (Cd 6280).

1921-13 Documents laid before the above (Cd 6281).

1921 Papers relating to the new Constitution of Malta (Cmd 1321).

1929-30 Correspondence with the Holy See relative to Maltese Affairs from January, 1929, to May, 1930 (Cmd 3588).

1931-32 Report of the Royal Commission on the Constitution of Malta (Cmd 3993).

1931-32 Minutes of evidence of the above (Col. 68).

1931-32 Bill (passed, cap. 43) intituled an Act to amend the Constitution of Malta and to remove doubt as to the validity of certain Letters Patent [p.152] and other enactments relating to Malta (116).

1935-36 Bill [passed, cap. 27] intituled an Act to remove the limitation of His Majesty’s power to revoke or amend the Malta Constitution Letters Patent 1921; to declare the validity of certain Ordinances of the Governor of Malta; and for the purposes connected with the matters aforesaid (133).

1946-47 Statement of Policy on Constitutional Reform (Cmd 7014).

1947 Report of Constitutional Commissioner (Sir Harold Mac Michael) (Col. 207).

N.B. — From 1846 a volume containing the reports of the Colonial Governors (including Malta) for 1845 was issued. This continued annually until the issue of a separate report for Malta began in 1887. These were produced annually until 1921.

II—Finance, Trade, and Customs

1801-02 Revenues of Malta (82).

1814-15 Bill to regulate Trade (108).

1819-20 Revenues of Malta 3 pts (59), (87), (91).

1821 Knights of Malta receiving Pensions from Great Britain (69).

1821-30 Finances of Ceylon, Malta, etc. 1821 (622), 1823 (343), 1824 (116), 1825 (231), 1830 (352).

1830-31 Reports of Commissioners appointed to enquire into the Receipt and Expenditure of the Revenue in the Colonies... (includes Malta) (64).

1839 Copy of correspondence... respecting Sir J. Stoddard’s claim for compensation (123).

1840 Amount paid for Pensions, Superannuations. and Retired Allowances, from the Colonial Revenues of Malta... etc. in the years 1837, 1838, and 1839 (596).

1844 Various trade and commercial returns (in 591).

1845 Proclamations and Correspondence on the Malta Currency 2 pts (326), (622).

1845 Accounts relative to the Revenue and Expenditure, and System of Colonial Accounts in the Island of Malta (in 520).

1847 Abstract of sums received into and issued from the Commissariat Chest of Malta, to the year ending 31 March 1846 (in 253-II).

1847 Receipts and Expenditure of Revenue of the Island of Malta 1846 (567).

1851 Customs duties payable on goods imported into Malta (in 667).

1854 Various trade and commercial returns (in 1743 and 1843).

1856 Statistical tables of revenue, population etc. 1850-1854 (in 2127).

1886 Correspondence respecting the Currency of Malta and demonetisation of the Sicilian Dollar (C 4830).

1935 Report on economic conditions in Cyprus and Malta (613).

1946 Report on the Finances of the Government of Malta by Sir Wilfred Woods, K.C.M.G., K.B.E. (Col. 196).

1946-47 Bill [passed, cap. 9] to assist the Government of Malta to meet their liabilities for war damage and other expenses, and for purposes connected therewith (22).

1949 Recent requests for financial and economic assistance (CO. 253).


1950 Interim Report on the financial and economic structure of the Maltese Islands presented to the Prime Minister of Malta by Sir George E. Schuster, K.C.S.I., etc.... 1950 (Col. 260).

See also under

I) 1878 (C 2032), 1912-1913 (Cd 6090, 6280, 6281).

IV) 1834 (570), 1847-48 (721), 1903 (239).

VII) 1852 (355-1). 1910-1911 (337, 92).


1844 Correspondence relative to the Trial of a Maltese in the Court of the Bey of Tunis (561).

1857 Correspondence with the Governor of Malta on the working of the Jury Law (149).

1861 Return re Murders etc. 1840 to 1860 (535).

1863 Ordinances and Correspondence respecting the extradition of criminals between Italy and Malta 1861-1862 (3113).

1900 The Law relating to Public Meetings (Cd. 184).

See also under

I) 1931-32 (116), 1935-36 (133).

V) 1808 (195); VI 1887 (347, 59), 1900 (CD 197).

VII) 1852-1855 (924, 290, 463).


1834 Number and Distribution of the Effective Force, Officers, etc., of the British Army, including Colonial Corps, 1815-1833, also, Pay, Allowances, Salaries, etc., issued to Officers, 1832-33 (in 570).

1847-48 Sums voted for the General Staff of Malta, for the years ending 31 March 1843 to 1849 inclusive, and Payment made to the Governor of Malta and the Lieutenant-General commanding the Forces for the same period (721).

1863 Report on Barracks and Hospitals (3207).

1889 Correspondence relating to the formation of a regiment of Militia in Malta (C 5655).

1891 Address... with reference to raising a regiment of Infantry in Malta (152).

1903 Return showing the Annual Cost of the Royal Garrison Regiment now stationed at Malta... (239).

1910 Memorandum defining duties of Field Marshal Commander in Chief, Mediterranean (5019).

See also under VI) 1866 (328).

V—Maritime and Dockyard

1808 List of prizes prosecuted in the Vice Admiralty Courts of... Malta... (195).

1849 Steam packets employed by the Admiralty in maintaining the Mail communication in the Mediterranean (600).

1863-65 Malta-Alexandria Telegraph 3 pts 1863 (427), 1864 (335), 1865 (152).

1863 Reports relating to the proposed new dock at Malta. 2 pts. (350), (537).

1864 Further papers on the above 5 pts. (144), (220), (355), (432), (432-1).


1865 Further papers relating to the Dock, and to the extension of the Great Harbour (59).

VI-Public Health

1819 Copy of a Despatch from Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Maitland to the Earl Bathurst, dated Corfu, 8th April, 1819, on the subject of the Plague.

1850-51 Expenses of Quarantine... during the last ten years (includes Malta) (616), 1851 (9).

1852-53 Return re Quarantine Officers (456).

1854-55 Report of Dr W.H. Burrell on the Plague of Malta in 1813 (1869).

1866 State of Mortality of the Garrison of Malta (328).

1867 Report on the Sanitary Condition of Malta and, Gozo, with reference to the Cholera epidemic in 1865 (3921).

1887 Contagious Disease Ordinance (Colonies) (347 and 59).

1900 The Contagious Diseases Law (Cd 197).

See also under IV) 1863 (3207).


1812-13 Papers relating to the Roman Catholic Religion in Malta (227).

1852 Correspondence respecting Payments from the Revenue of Malta on account of the Passages of the Bishop of Gibraltar, from Gibraltar to Malta (in 355-1).

1852-53 A copy of so much of the Criminal Code of Malta... as relates to the penalties to be enforced for Offences against the Respect due to Religion (924).

1854 Copy of Despatch to the Governor dated 5th February 1854 referring to the New Criminal Code (290).

1854-55 Copy of Criminal Code of Malta... relating to offences against Religion (463).

1874 Property given in trust to or for Colonial Bishops (979).

1890 Religious Questions; Papers on Sir L. Simmons’ Special Mission to the Vatican (C 5975).

1890 Maltese Ordinance No. 5 of 1867... to amend the laws relative to Rights and Duties emanating from Marriage (349).

1896 Order in Council dated 13th August 1895, relative to the Validity of Unmixed and Mixed Marriages in Malta (C 7982).

1906 Correspondence on Religious Matters in Malta 3 pts (Cd 3024), (Cd 3099), (Cd 3286).

1910 Return of the names and emoluments of official Chaplains in the Crown Colonies... (337).

1911 Further Return (Malta) (92).

See also under I) 1870 (251), 1929-1930 (Cmd 3588).


1843 Papers relating to the Removal of the Rev. Mr O’Malley from the Office of Rector of the University of Malta (567).


1872-74 Correspondence relative to the rejection by the Council of an Education Bill 2 pts. 1872 (20), 1874 (260).

1875 Copy of Report of Crown Advocate at Malta referred to in the Governor’s Despatch of the 12th day of December, 1872, regarding Education (33).

1880 Report upon the Education System of Malta by P.J. Keenan Esq (C 2685).

1900 Special Reports on Subjects relating to Education in England and in the Chief Colonies of the Empire (Cd. 416, 417).

1900 Papers relating to University Education of Roman Catholics in certain colonies (115).

IX—Maltese Nobility

1876-78 Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility 5 pts. 1876 (C 1582, C 2033), 1877 (322), 1878 (C 2122, C 2131).

1883 Report of the Committee of Privileges of the Maltese Nobility on the claims of certain members of that body with the Secretary of State’s reply (C 3812).

1883 Return of all the Maltese “Titolati” whose claims have been examined by the Committee of Privileges at Malta... (164).

1886 Copies or extracts of Correspondence with reference to the Maltese Nobility (C 4628a).

1888 Extracts of further correspondence with reference to the Maltese Nobility (C 5490).


1850 Despatches relating to the Admission of Foreigners into the Island of Malta. (134).

1874 International arrangements... in regard to Letters Patent of Inventions (999).

1879 Return showing occupations and professions of the Inhabitants of Malta, based upon the last Census... (330).

1882 Correspondence re Maltese Colonization in Cyprus.

1884 Correspondence relating to the question of making Malta a centre for Civil Service, Naval, and Military Examinations (C 4187).

1887 Convention for the exchange of Post Office Money Orders between Malta and France (C 4921).

1889 Convention between Her Majesty and the President of the French Republic for the exchange of Universal Postal Parcels between France and the Island of Malta (C 5898).