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Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 2(1956)1(59-60)

[p.59] Other Bibliographical Notices

The following is a list of studies or articles of local interest which appeared in foreign learned reviews or in local papers and periodicals. The list, which is by no means complete, records a considerable amount of material that would otherwise lie forgotten in unindexed newspaper files or in reviews that are often too specialised and therefore inaccessible to the average student in Malta.

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Copies of the following theses submitted by local teachers in part fulfilment of the subject “Experimental Education and Research” for the degree of B. Educ. in 1953 are available for consultation in the Royal University of Malta Library:—

AGIUS DELICATA, Joseph. A Brief Account of the Historical development of the Lyceum in Malta from its institution to the present day.

BONELLO CONTI, Louis. St. John Baptist de la Salle' s contribution to Education' with special reference to the work of the Brothers of De La Salle in Malta.

BUSUTTIL, Felix. Mikiel Anton Vassallis Contribution towards Educational Advancement in the Maltese Islands.

CAMILLERI, John Breman. The First Decade of the Twentieth Century in the Education of Malta.

CASSAR, J.B. A Brief Account of the Work of Mons. Paolo Pullicino, Director of Primary Instruction in Malta (1849-1880) and First Lecturer in Pedagogy at the University.

CASSAR, Lawrence. A Survey of the History of Child Welfare with a brief study of the problem of Child Welfare in the Maltese Islands.

GATT, Joseph A. Technical Education in Malta.

GIORDMAINA, Anthony. A Short Enquiry into the History of Education in Malta up to the first Education Act on Primary Schools in Malta of 1946 and the Primary Schools Report of 1948.

MANGION, Josephine. The Period 1835 to 1850 in the History of Education of the Maltese Islands.

MANGION, Mary C. The Early Primary Schools of Malta.

VELLA, Joseph P. The Contribution of the Jesuit Fathers to Education in the Maltese Islands.

SANT, Joseph. The History of the Training of Teachers for the Government Schools Malta.

SALIBA, Evarist. A Brief Descriptive Account of the emergence and growth of the Status of Teacher in Government-owned or Government-controlled Schools from the inception of British Rule to the present day.

ZAMMIT MANION, J. Landmarks in the Development of Education in Malta.

The above works cover several important aspects of educational history in Malta. Our thanks are due to these Teachers who have sacrificed much time and energy to fill in some of the blanks in the History of Malta.