Copyright The Malta Historical Society, 2005.

Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 2(1956)1(13)

The Malta Directory and Trade Index 1956

Joseph Cassar Pullicino

In his Foreword to this important reference work the Hon. President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce says that it "not only serves to introduce and display the products of our industries and the range of our market, but includes a great deal of general reference information in readily accessible form" and "promises to provide an annual survey covering many important aspects of Maltese affairs".

The Malta Publicity Services Ltd. deserve a word of praise for the neat production of the Malta Directory and Trade Index, printed in Great Britain by W. S. Cowell Ltd. Its contents, forming a reliable corpus of condensed information concerning Malta past and present, go a long way towards presenting Malta to the business world. At the same time they provide rich material for the future historian of Maltese Trade and Industry.

Helita Historica is mainly concerned with the latter aspect of this useful publication. Section One, which is subdivided into three Parts - I General, II Industry and Commerce, and III Tourist Supplement, contains a number of well-written and reliable articles ranging from Education in Malta and Maltese Commerce and Economy to Labour Legislation, the History of Banking in Malta and Maltese Cooking and its Origin.

Helita Historica welcomes the appearance of the Malta Directory and Trade Index and warmly recommends it to its readers. It is hoped, however, that the next edition will contain at least fewer mistakes in Maltese spelling.