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Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 2(1957)2(94)

The Malta Directory and Trade Index 1957

Joseph Cassar Pullicino

The second issue of this important reference tool contains a veritable mine of information on Maltese trade and industry. Apart from its Trade Index, which includes in its 206 pages an Alphabetical List of Firms, a Classified List of Firms, a Complete List of Cable Addresses, and local Trade Marks and Brands, it has a Year Book Section followed by a short bibliography and a useful annotated list of new books on Malta issued since the appearance of the first number in 1956.

Of particular interest to readers of Melita Historica are the background articles contained in Section I, which also includes a useful outline of Malta’s industries. The standard of the background articles varies from one contributor to another, but by and large the studies are reliable and provide useful material for the study of recent and contemporary Maltese History.

The following articles appear in the 1957 issue: The Maltese National Colours, by J.G. Cutajar Beck: Constitutional Development 1800-1957, by Patrick G. Staines; The Economy of Malta, by Dudley Seers; Financial Statement for the Year 1957-58, by the Hon. Mr. D. Mintoff; The Practice of Medicine, by Prof. P.P. Debono; Education in Malta, by Margaret Mortimer; Reform in Commercial Law, by Charles J. Sammut; History of Banking in Malta, by S.M. De Maria, besides information on Labour Legislation, Near Automate Telephone Exchange, The Department of Trade and Industry, etc.