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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 2(1959)4(262)

[p.262] Reviews 1959

DE MAJO, Paul, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Malta, Department of Information, 1959. 33p.

This is one of the useful pamphlets which the Department of Information issues from time to time on subjects of local interest. It contains 35 pages of well-written text, illustrated by 11 half-tone reproductions of Caravaggio paintings, including the picture cover of the Martyrdom of St. Matthew (Rome, San Luigi dei Francesi); The master himself is shown in the frontispiece. The list of references at the end includes some recent publications on Caravaggio.

Professor John Pick, who was Fulbright Lecturer at the Royal University of Malta in 1955/1956, writes as follows in his Preface to this survey and appreciation of the famous master: “In the present study Paul De Majo modestly presents a synthesis of the scholarly researches devoted to Caravaggio during the last fifty years. His appeal is not so much to specialists or advanced art historians as to that larger public eager to be introduced to one of the most powerful of the Renaissance painters. His little booklet weaves together a survey of the life of Caravaggio with an analysis of some of his most important and representative paintings which have been newly examined and freshly observed.”

Few will disagree with this fair assessment of De Majo’s pamphlet.

J.[oseph] C.[assar] P.[ullicino]