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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 3(1960)1(73)

[p.73] A. LUTTRELL, Interessi fiorentini nell'economw e nella politico, dei Cavalieri Ospedalieri di Rodi nel Trecento. In "Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa: Lettere, Storia e Filosofia" Serie II, Vol. XXVIII (1959), Fasc. III-IV, pp. 317-326.

This study deals with an insufficiently explored aspect of the Order's economic history. It is based, as Mr. Luttrell says in a footnote, on the documents of the Order preserved in Malta. This specialised topic, i.e. the influence of Florentine and other bankers on the Order's policy and activities in the 14th Century, is well handled by the author and there is a wealth of bibliographical references for those interested in the wider aspects of the subject. Two important related problems, which the author mentions in his last footnote, remain unanswered, and Mr. Luttrell suggests that, rather than in the Malta Archives, their solution has to be sought in Florentine sources.

Mr. Luttrell, who contributes an interesting study on The Venetians at Medieval Malta in the present issue of "Melita Historica", has published various articles on the Order of St. John in the 14th Century. As they are not easy to trace, the following titles are given here as an addition to the known bibliography of the Order, i.e. Actividades Economicas de los Hospitalarios de Rodas en el Mediterraneo occidental durante el siglo XIV, in 'Actas del VI Congreso de la Historia de la Corona de Aragon' (Barcellona, 1960); Venice and the Knights Hospitallers of Rhodes in the Fourteenth Century, in "Papers of the British School at Rome" XXVI (1958), pp. 198-201; A Fourteenth Century List of the Barons of Achaea (1377?), in "Byzantinische Zeitschrift", LI, (1958).

J.[oseph] C.[assar] P.[ullicino]