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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 3(1961)2(23)

[p.23] Reviews 1961

PAUL CASSAR, M.D., B.Sc., D.P.M., Documents Written on Wood During the Plague of 1813 in Malta. (Reprinted from the British Medical Journal, August 5, 1961, Vol. II, pp. 377-378).

Dr. Paul Cassar has written an interesting article on the manner in which wood was used as a medium on which to write during the plague in Malta in 1813. The author explains how paper was considered a means of spreading infection, whilst wood was thought to be comparatively immune to this danger. Therefore documents such as wills, receipts, letters and other documents were written on wood.

Dr. Cassar in his usual learned and clear manner explains various interesting details relating to his subject. He has successfully traced some of these interesting documents on wood and illustrations of two are reproduced with the article.