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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 3(1962)3(81-83)



1962, January 13: Maltese Union Club, New York; Deustches Historisches Institut, Rome.

February 14: Mr. Lawrence Schiavone, M.A. Mr. Alfred Fiorini, Ph.C. Mr. Joseph Attard. Rev. F. Romeo Grech O.C.


29th January 1962 — Fifty-first General Meting held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana.

Dr. Marjorie Edwards delivered a talk on the subject "Earning and spending in the first half of the 19th Century in Malta".

Afterwards Prof. Bonnici, The President, read the annual report. The Hon. Treasurer gave his report on the society's finances during the year In 1961 receipts amounted to £69. 15s. 0d., while the expenditure during the same period was £67. 6s. 9d. Balance in hand amounts to £60. lls.l11d.

Fr. Fiorini moved that Mgr. Prof. Bonnici be confirmed as President of the Society by acclamation. Mr. E. Leopardi seconded the motion which was approved nemine contrario. Then F.B. Fiorini O.F.M. Conv. Mr E R Leopardi.Prof. J. Galea, M.D; Prof. S. Zarb, O.P., Mr. V. Denaro., Prof. A. Vella, O.P Dr. P. Cassar, M.D. and Chev. V. Bonello were elected Members to form the Committee for 1962.

26th March 1962. Fifty-second General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute, Flonana.

Two talks were delivered 1) by Dr. Paul Cassar, M.D., on "A document written on wood relative to the plague of 1813"; 2) by Fr. Bonaventure Fiorini, O.F.M. Conv: San Francesco venuto a Malta? — disamina Storica."


During the 25 years Prof. G. Aquilina has occupied the chair of Maltese literature in the Royal University of Malta he has found time to publish a surprising number of literary studies concerning the inhabitants, customs history, language etymology and topography affecting these islands. In addition various novels short stories and an anthology of Maltese prose and poetry collected with the collaboration of Prof. P.P. Saydon were published in continental reviews as well as in local papers which succeeded in establishing and propagating the Maltese language in its present form.

These scientific Publications were well received both in Europe, particularly m France, Italy and in England, and, in the United States of America. [p.82] Prof. Aquilina attended various international congresses, the latest "was the Seventh International Congress of Onomastic Sciences where he read a paper on Influenze Arabe Sulla Toponoimastica Maltese which was published in the proceedings of this Congress.

To commemorate all these activities and in recognition of the valuable services rendered to the Maltese language a successful Soirée Lyrique was organised by the Société Académique Maltaise held in March.


An interesting addition to local literature is the first number of the Maltese Folklore Review edited by J. Cassar Pullicino, A.L.A., (Giov, Muscat & Co. Ltd. Printers 5/—). The perspective of time has rendered of greater value to students specializing in this facet of historical research. Beyond this sphere its appeal is bound to be limited and its popularity is subject to the limitation imposed to all multilingual publications.

A study on the marketing of farm produce featured by Prof. J. Galea and another by Prof. Raffaele concerning Malta and its Festas are worthy of particular attention. The Maltese Folk songs contributed by the editor can be taken as a gauge for the philosophical tendencies of the older generations of these islands.



The following members of; the Society were honoured by the Italian Government in recognition of their promotion of Italian Culture in Malta:—

Professor J. Manche M.D., Vice Chancellor and Rector Magnificus of the Royal Malta University, was awarded the gold Medal.

Chevalier Vincenzo Bonello, the silver medal, for work connected with Italian art.

The Rev. Father Bonaventura Fiorini O.F.M. Conv., the bronze medal.

Dr. P. Cassar M.D. and Dr. Edward Sammut LLJ). were both elected Fellows of the Royal Historical Society.

Dr. Edward Sammut LL.D. and Mr. E.R. Leopardi were received into the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as First Class Donats,

[p.83] Professor J.H. Xuereb .LL.D., was appointed to be a Judge of Her Majesty's Superior Courts of Malta.

Dr. A. Cachia Zammit M.D., Dr. A. Paris M.D., and Dr. H. Ganado were ejected Members of the Legislative Assembly.

Dr. A. Cachia Zammit was appointed Minister of Emigration, Labour and Social Welfare, and Dr. A. Paris was appointed Minister of Education Mr. W. F. Bellizzi was elected Secretary of the M.A.S.

Mr. B. Galea, has published "In-Nisel tal-Knisja f'Malta," Dipartiment tal-Informazzjoni, Malta, 1961.