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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 3(1963)4(66-68)



26th, March 1962; Major F.S. Critien,E.D.

21st, January 1963; Dott. Giovanni Bonello L.L.D; Dott. Alberto Camilleri LiL.D.; Rev. Fr. B. Camilleri S.Th.D., O.F.M. Conv; Mr. John Azopardi and Mr. Joe Masini as Associate Members.

7th, February 1963; Mr. Joe Vella.

27th, September 1963: Dr. M. Gambin LL.D.; Mr. C. Verzin; Mr. Lino Bartolo as associate member.

9th, December 1963: Mr. Robert Mifisud Bonnici.


21st, January 1963. Fifty-third General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana.

The President read the following report:


The title "presidential address" seems to me very bombastic for a short report on the activities of our Society, by which I shall not take a lot of your precious time. As usual, I shall be short, nay shorter than last year. The year 1962 started with the General Meeting of the Society on the 29th January when Dr. Marjorie Edwards delivered a talk on "Earning and Spending in Malta during the first half of the XIX Century", and the Members of the Committee for the following year were elected.

Another General Meeting was held during the 'month of March, in which Dr. Paul Cassar M. D, and Rev. Fr. Fiorini, O.F.M. Conv, talked about "A document 'written on wood relative to the plague of 1813" and "San Francesco e venuto a Malta ? una disamina storica" respectively. Unfortunately Other General meetings were not held after those two mentioned.

[p.67] The Committee met 6 times to discuss matters of importance and took some important decisions, among which that of issuing a special number in the year 1965 to commemorate the IV Centenary of Malta's Great Siege of 1565. A sub-committee was appointed to study the matter and report. The members are Dr. P. CassarM.D.; Chev. V. Bonello and Mr. E.R. Leopardi. Members of the Society who would like to make suggestions are requested to approach any of these three gentlemen. The Committee has also invited the members, through a circular, to submit any eventual amendment they like to suggest for discussion in a general meeting. Today we shall submit these suggestions, and see whether it is advisable or not to introduce them in our Statute, Thanks to the good-will and sacrifice of both Secretary and Editor, Fr. Fiorini, the 11th number of our journal "Melita Historica" has been published within the year. I feel it my duty to thank Fr. Fiorini both for his editorial work as for his interesting article, together with the other contributors:

Chev. Denaro, Mr. Mitchell, Dr, Cassar and Fr. Camilleri, Mr. J. Storace, Prof. Weber and last but not leastMr. Leopardi.

I was delighted to read the favourable and encouraging comments of the Press and of the Public.

The Honorary treasurer read his report on the financial state of the Society. Receipts during 1962 amounted to £118-15-8, while the expenditure during the same period was £63-5-3. Balance in hand amounted to £111-2-4.

Then Mgr. Prof. A. Bonnici was confirmed by acclamation as Chairman. The following members were elected to form the Committee for 1963: Prof. J. Galea, M.D; Fr.B. Fiorini, O.F.M. Conv; Mr. E.R. Leopardi; Chev. V. Bonello; Rev. Prof. A. Vella O.P; Dr. Edward Samimut L.L.D; Dr. Alberto Ganado L.L.D. and Mr. V. Denaro.

28th March 1963. Fifty-fourth General meeting held at the University Theatre, Valletta.

The Rev. Prof. A. Vella O.P., delivered a talk on the subject: "The Tribunal of the Inquisition in Malta''.

23rd October 1963. Fifty-fourth General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute. Floriana.

A lecture was delivered by Prof. J. Galea, M.D., O.BE.. on: "A Captain of the Port of Malta and a Grand Vizir of Costantinople. Their Fortunes and Friendship". .

18th November 1968. Fifty-fifth General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute. Floriana.

Dr. E. Cesareo. M.D., S.B. St. John, delivered a talk on the subject:

"The Election of Grand Master Emanuel de Rohan and Chapter General".


Sir Arturo MereiecaKt. in recognitionof his promotion of Italian Cultural in Malta was awarded the Gold Medal.

The Right Rev. Mons. Prof. A. Bonnici DD., H.E.L., B.Litt, President of the Society, has been appointed Conventual Chaplain of the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta.

[p.69] Prof. C. Coleiro, M.D., C.G.M.O., has (been elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

The Hon. Dr. A. Paris, M.O., Minister of Education, was awarded the Gold Medal "Ai benemeriti della Cultura Italiana", by the Italian Government.

Dr. E. Sammut LL.D. has been elected to sit on the Board of Antiquities as representative of the Society.

The V. Rev. Fr. B. Fiorini, Secretary of the Society, Chev. V. Bonello and Dr. V. Depasquale LL.D. have been called to sit on the same board.

Prof. Walter Ganado, B.Lc., M.D., M.R.C.P. (London) has been appointed Professor of Medicine in the Royal University of Malta.

Dr. E. Magri LLD, was awarded by the Italian Government the Bronze Medal and was appointed to be a Judge of Her Majesty's Superior Courts of Malta.

Can. A. Zammit Gabarretta. DD., B.A., has been appointed Research Assistant to the Librarian in the Royal Malta Library.


The Library of Congress U.S.A.

The Royal HellenicResearch Foundation, Athens (Greece)

Universitą degli Studi., Milano, (Italia).