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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 3(1963)4(69-70)

Recent Publications and Book Reviews 1963


Lanfranco Guido.

We Laugh Last in "The Teacher" 12-7-59
On Knights in "The Teacher" Mar.-Apr.-1961
Il-Familja tal-Bram fil-Baħar Tagħna "Il-Pronostiku Malti" I960
Il-Friefet ta' Malta 'Il-Pronostku Maiti" 1961
Il-Gandotti tar-Roti Rumani F'Malta "Il-Pronostiku Malti" 1962
Il-Ba5rija "Il-Pronostiku Malti" 1963
Is-Sitwazjoni Tal-Għasafar F'Malta "Il-Pronostiku Malti" r964
The Fungi of Malta in "Il-Kewkba" De La Salle College, Cottonera
Hawk Moths of Malta in "Il-Kewkba" De La Salle College, Cottonera Dec. 1959
The Mantids of Malta in "Il-Kewkba" De La Salle College, Cottonera Apr.-Jun. 1960
The Natural History of Malta as Presented by Abela in 1647
The Natural History of Malta in "G, ABELA, Essays in his honour by members of the Malt. Hist. Soc." May 1961
'L-Isfingidae ta' Malta in "Tajjeb li Tikun Taf" series April 1961 Dept. of Information
Il-Fjuri Tas-Sajj fil-Kampanja Tagħna in "Tajjeb li Tkun Taf" Aug. 1961
Il-Fjuri tal-ħarifa ill-Kampala Tagħna in "Tajjeb li Tkun Taf" Nov. 1961
Tibdil Ġeoloġiku F'Wiċċ Artna in "Tajjeb li Tkun Taf" Jan. 1968
Il-Flora Maltija in "Tajjeb li Tkun Taf February. 1968
Ħlejjaq Inferjuri
in "Tajjeb li Tkun Taf" April 1968
The Snake That Bit St. Paul Sunday Times of Malta 17-4-60
The Roman Cart Ruts of Malta Part I Sunday Times of Malta 6-8-61
[p.70] The Roman Cart Ruts of Malta Part II Sunday Times of Malta 18-8-61
The Roman Cart Ruts of Malta Part III Sunday Times of Malta 20-8-61.
The Roman Cart Ruts of Malta Part IV Sunday Times of Malta 27-8-61
Bird Shooting in Malta Part I Sunday Times of Malta 9-6-63
Bird Shooting in Malta Part II Sunday Times of Malta 16-6-68
Bird Shooting in Malta Sunday Times of Malta & letter 21-7-63
Il-Molluski Ta' Malta in Ir-Review, January 12-1963
The Maltese Hedgehog Times of Malta 21-2-63
The Maltese Freshwater Crab Times of Malta 11-7-63
"Jeħtieġ li Filfla ma Tibqax Tintuza Bħala Target" in "Il-Berqa" 16-9-63
"Filfia must be Spared" in "The Bulletin"' 17-9-63
"Future of Filfla" in "The Times of Malta" 19-9-63
Some activities by Guido Lanfranco, a member of the Malta Historical Society, From January to September 1968.
Founded the Natural History Society of Malta after founding also the Royal University of Malta Biological Society; re-elected President of the Malta Geographical
Society, of the Cactus and Succulent Society of Malta, of the Malta Ornithological Society, and made first President of the Natural Hist. Soc. of Malta. For the sixth time also elected to the Executive council of the Malta Union of Teachers. Appeared nine times for a Television Programme on local Natural History, speaking on Insects, plants. Birds' Eggs, Fish, Cacti & Succulents, Reptiles, Aquariums, Marine Life, etc. etc. Gave two broadcasts for children on similar subjects, gave five lectures to the above-mentioned societies, on Maltese Excursion, Nature Teaching for Teachers, Maltese Flora, Cactus Classification, and Cultivation of Epiphyllium. Introduced for the first time, the Bird-Week Exhibition for the Malt. Orn. Soc., and Maltese Geography Exhibition for the Malt. Geogr. Soc., and led several excursions for the Nat. Hist. Soc. & the Geogr. Soc.

Also wrote three fact sheets for the Dept. of Information, on Geology, Inferior Animals, and Molluscs. (Jan., Apr., Jun.) A Biographical note was written about him by Scrutator, in Malta Under The Lens, Times of Malta (Jun.) and in the Authors and Writers Who's Who, London, 1968.

Wrote Articles on the Maltese Hedgehog (Feb.) The Maltese Fresh-water Crab (Jul.) and Filfla Island, on the Times of Malta., Again on Filfla Island in the Bulletin and Il-Berqa (Sept.); Bird Shooting in Malta in Sunday Times of Malta, (June) together with letters regarding Bird Shooting and Vandalism.