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Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta historical Society. 4(1964)1(34-52)

[p.34] A Handlist of Writings on Art in Malta

Edward Sammut

The purpose of this list is to attempt to fill a gap which I know by personal experience to exist. Until quite recently, the lack of any complete bibliography of publications on Art in Malta had been attributable to the fact that such publications were practically non-existent. References to the works of local artists, or to those of foreigners who worked in Malta, are to be found in several of the more important Histories of these Islands; but they are mostly unreliable and even the most apparently simple statement can hardly ever be accepted at its face value.

The first serious attempt at a History of Maltese Art was made by Dr. Stefano Zerafa in 1850, with his “Discorso sulla Storia Artistica di Malta,” an inaugural address delivered at the University and published by Paolo Cumbo of Valletta the same year. This was followed in 1868 by Achille Ferris’s “Descrizione Storica delle Chiese di Malta e Gozo,” in 1881 by Calleja’s “Works of Art in The Churches of Malta,” translated into English by the Rev. C.A. Godwin and, finally, by Canon Caruana-Gatto’s “Malta Artistica Illustrata,” which only got as far as the first volume, “La Pittura,” published in 1905.

During the first two decades of this century, there was a sudden flowering of publications in various languages, mostly on the subject of Maltese archaeology. This was mainly due to the activity of Sir Themistocles Zammit, whose discovery and careful excavation of the Neolithic Temples at Tarxien paved the way for the numerous admirable books which have appeared during recent years. Finally, the period between the Wars was dominated by the work of Vincenzo Bonello who undertook, practically single-handed, the formidable task of delving through the thousands of manuscript volumes in the Archives of the Order of St. John, in search of new material. His writings on Maltese Art are numerous and carefully documented, and he has the further merit of having encouraged others to undertake similar work, including the present writer.

As in every other European country, the Second World War took a heavy toll of Maltese monuments and works of art, and the flood of literature on the subject appearing after 1945 may be partly an atonement for past neglect. At any rate, the need for an exhaustive index to writing on the subject has now become imperative, even if the result may be no more than to avoid repetition of errors and duplication of work.

The arrangement of this Bibliography was decided upon after some hesitation. Owing to their geographical position, the Maltese Islands have had to endure the domination of every successive Power aspiring to supremacy in the Mediterranean. Consequently, as the usual stylistic or even chronological divisions of Art history are largely inapplicable, the main list has been divided [p.35] into sections which correspond broadly to the principal local periods, i.e.: Prehistory, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages which include successive dominations from Sicily, the Order of St. John and, finally, British Rule. These are preceded by a list of General Works, with sub-divisions for the major art monuments and collections, and are followed by a list of artists in alphabetical order, including a number of foreigners. As far as possible, only those publications which deal with the work of the latter in Malta have been listed. In order to fit local art into the general European structure a short list of works for comparative reference has also been given and it is to be hoped that this, at least, will be of some use to research students.


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b) Cities and Monuments.


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