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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 4(1964)1(72-73, 76-77)

[p.72] Activities of the Society

Enrolment of new members

27th January 1964: Very Rev. Can. Prof. C. Muscat, B.A., J.U.D.; Dr. John Cauchi, L.L.D., Curator, National Museum; Mr. Anthony Grixti; Mr. J. Vassallo, A.&C.E.; Mr. Erin Serracino Inglott; Mr. S. A. Scicluna; Mr. T. Gouder; Mr. Franco Masini; Mr. Anton Debono, Ph.C.

13th February 1964: Hon. Marchese G. Scicluna, LBJD; Mr. A. Miceli Farrugia; Mr. L. L. Miceli; Mr. Paul Galea.

23rd March 1964: Rev. Peter Serracino Inglott M.A., University Lecturer in Philosophy; Mr. F. S. Mallia of the National Museum.

General meetings and reading of papers

19th December 1963: Sixty-seventh General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana. A lecture was delivered by Dr. Edgar Cesareo, M.D., S.B. St. John, on: "Malta and the Mediterranean, 1571-1798".

27th January 1964: Sixty-eighth General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana. The President read the following report:—

Today we inaugurate the 14th year since the foundation of our Society. As usual, I have been invited to give a brief survey of its activities during the last year. This year the Editor of our Journal has anticipated this annual survey by publishing a part of it in the last number of Melita Historica. Shall I blame him for this or rather thank him for the work he has spared me and the help he has given me?

During the year 1968, five General Meetings were held. In the first one, held on the 21st of January, the Committee members were elected for the new year. In the next four meetings lectures were delivered by F. Prof. Andrew Vella O.F. on the subject "The Tribunal of the Inquisition in Malta"; by Prof. Chev. J. Galea on "A Captain of the port of Malta and a Grand Vizier of Constantinople — Their fortunes and friendship''; and by Dr. Edgar Cesareo on "The Election of G.M. Emmanuel De Rohan and the General Chapter'' and on "Malta and the Mediterranean 1578-1798".

The Committee met four times during the year. They entrusted each member with his respective task. They appointed Prof. Chev. J. Galea as representative to the Malta Welfare Society for the mentally handicapped. So far no answer has reached us to our request for the appointment of one of our members as such to sit on the 1965 Festivities Committee to commemorate the Great Siege of 1S85. Dr. Edward Sammut has been elected to represent the Society on the Board of Antiquities. Fr. Bonaventura Fiorini, our Secretary, Commendatore Vincenzo Bonello and Dr. Vincenzo De Pasquale were also invited to sit on this Board.

The Statute was slightly amended and the Members have now the opportunity to see this new Statute printed in the Melita Historica number of 1963, which has just been published.

[p.73] In this number we find interesting articles by old and new contributors. Miss Hilda I. Lee, Lecturer in International History in the University of London, contributed the first part of a work entitled "Principles of Policy and Appointment to Ecclesiastical Office"'. Galileo Savasano wrote a short article on "Antonio Zahra, Vescovo di Vico Equense". Chev. Victor Denaro continued to write on "Yet more houses in Valletta''.   Fr. Bonaventura Fiorini of the Conventual Friars gave us an interesting article on "I Francescani al Gozo". Dr. Paul Cassar wrote on "The British Doctors and the Study of the Medical and Natural History of Malta in the XIX Century''; Chev. E. R. Leopardi gave us a short note on "A Maltese District Medical officer of the XVI Century". Canon Antonio Zammit Gabaretta published some documents, gleaned from the State Archives of Naples concerning "Il Capitano Aniello Cafiero e la Congiura dei Maltesi".M

An index by authors' names of the III Volume of Melita Historica completes the last number.

Some members of our Society made news in the local papers following their appointments to posts of high responsibility, the bestowal of honour upon them, or the awards of medals to them. We tender to each and all of them our sincerest congratulations.

Eight ordinary members and three associate members were enrolled during the past years.

After the address the Hon. Treasurer read his report on the financial state of the Society. Receipts during 1963 amounted to £47-5-11, while the expenditure during the same time was £72-8-11.

The Hon. Secretary read a letter sent by Rev. Fr. Felix Sammut O.F.M. Conv., suggesting the promotion of a "Local History Campaign'''.

Then Mgr. Prof. A. Bonnici was confirmed by acclamation as Chairman. The following were elected members of the Committee for 1964: Rev. F. B. Fiorini O.F.M. Conv.; Prof. J. Galea, M.D.; Prof. S. Zarb O.P.; Chev. V. Bonello; Dr. P. Cassar M.D.; Chev. V. Denaro; Chev. E. Leopardi and Dr. E. Sammut LL.D.

23rd March 1964: Sixty-ninth General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana. Mgr. Prof. A. Bonnici and Prof. J. Galea, delivered a talk on "Social Work in Malta during the rule of the Order of St. John" and "Before the Motor Ambulance came to Malta", respectively.


Chev. Vincenzo Bonello has been created by His Holiness the Pope Cavaliere di San Gregory).

On Chev. Victor Denaro has been bestowed the Serving Brotherhood of the Ven. Order of St. John of Jerusalem.


Libreria già Nardecchia, Piazza Cavour 25, Roma (Italia). The Colonial Office Library, London (England).


An Italian Archaeological team of the University of Rome headed by Prof. M. Cagiano de Azevedo has completed the first and second phase of their work at Tas-Silg and San Pawl Milqi. At the expenses of the Università degli Studi di Roma, the Archaeological team has published a full report of its work in Malta in a Volume: "La Missione Archeologica Italiana a Malta", Roma, Centro di Studi Semitici, 1964.

A learned oration held at St. John's Cathedral on the 6th September by the member of our Society, Prof. Canon C. Muscat, S.Th.D,, B.A., J.U.D., Spiritual Director of the Medical Officers Union on "The Mission of the Catholic Doctor", has 'been published in the Maltese Observer of the 13th September 1964. It was on the occasion of the inauguration of the First European Congress of Catholic Doctors.

A bust of the late Mgr. C. Psaila, the National Poet, was, on the 8th September 1964, unveiled at the Royal Malta Library by the Hon. Dr. A. Paris, M.D., Minister of Education.

Our member, Dr. Paul Cassar M.D. was responsible for the selection and arrangement of the historical material and for the compilation of an appropriate "Guide" in the feature of the 1st European Congress of Catholic Doctors; and Prof. Walter Ganado held the inaugural speech.


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Prof. C. Coleiro M.D. has been elected Fellow of the Royal Health Society and not of the Royal Historical Society, as erroneously has been published in 1963 issue of Melita Historica, page 68.

In the lists of Contents of Volume III (1960-1963) must be added the publication of Mr. J. Cassar Pullicino, A.L.A.,  "Antichi cibi Maltesi", Vol. Ill, No. 2, p. 31.

The Editor