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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 4(1965)2(133-134)

Activities of the Society

Enrolment of new members

10th December, 1964: Prof. Oliver Vella, A.R.A.R., L.R.S.M.; Hon. Z.A.V. (Yugoslavia),

26th July, 1965; Dr. Paul Xuereb, LL.D.; Mr. J. Fiorini; Cdr. Denis Calnan R.N.

10th May, 1965; Chev. Dr. J.H. Reynand, LL.D.

10th October, 1965: The Hon. Mr. Justice Dr. M. Caruana Curran, B.A., LL.D.; Mr. Andre Dezarrois.; Oaa. Prof. V. Borg, D.D., H.E.D., Arch.L.

General meetings and reading of papers

28th December, 1964: Seventieth General Meeting held .at the Catholic Institute, Floriana. Mgr. Prof. A. Bonnici delivered a talk on: "The Appointment of the Bishops of Malta in the 19th Century".

28th January, 1965: Seventy-first General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana. The President read the following report:-

In my brief address, I would like to give you a survey of the Society's activities during the past year.

The Committee met four times: in the first meeting the members were allotted their respective task on the Committee; in the other three, lecturers were chosen to deliver talks during the year, and new members were enrolled: these are Mr. Oliver Vella, Can. Prof. Carmelo Muscat, Dr. John Cauchi, Mr. A. Vassallo, A.&C.E., Mr. Anton Debono, Ph.C., Mr. Antonio Grixti, Mr. Erin Serracino Inglott, Mr. J.A. Scicluna, Mr. J. Gouder, Mr. Franco Masini, Prof. Peter Serracino Inglott, Mr. F.S. Mallia of the National Museum.

During the same year 3 General Meetings were held. In the first meeting the members of the Committee were elected. In the second, two papers were read, one by myself on "The Social Work in Malta during the Rule of the Order of St. John", the other by Chev. Prof. Joseph Galea on the Subject "Before the Motor-Ambulance came to Malta".

In the third meeting another paper was read by me on "The Appointment of Bishops in Malta during theXIX century".Mr. L. Schiavone,M.A. B. Educ., was to read a paper on the 22nd of this month on the subject"Di alcuni Scritti intorno. all'Assedio del 1565". Owing to the fact that the subject chosen by the lecturer was of great interest to the members of the Order of St. John and that on, the same day those members had a general meeting and the official opening of their new premises, the lecture was not read. On the occasion of the Catholic Doctors' Congress held in Malta, Prof. Fr. Carmelo Muscat as spiritual Director of the Maltese Doctors opened the Congress with a universally praised oration at St. John's. Dr. Paul Cassar furnished historical material for the compilation of a guide which was distributed among the Congressists.

Chev. Victor Denaro contributed an article on Dutch Cries and Maltese Counter seconds in "Numismatic Chronicle". I wrote two articles on the Church of Malta for the new edition of the "Catholic Encyclopedia". Chev. Leopardi published articles of historical interest.Dr. E. Sammut held fine talks on T.V.concerning Art in Malta, Mr. Bezzina on "Knights and Monuments".

It is through no fault of the Committee, or of the Editor, that the Melita Historica for the year 1964 has not yet been published. The articles were handed to the printers some five or .six months ago; the first proofs were given us late in December and we are now reading the second proofs. We hope that by the beginning of February the Journal will be distributed among the members.

In this number you will read articles by Miss H. Lee, Prof. J. Galea, Chev. Leopardi,Dr. E. Sammut, Prof. Weber and by myself.

The Editor, as usual, has given us a resume of the activities of the Society during 1964, some reviews of books of local interest, and a list of books received.

Although the Society, as such, took no part in the recent archeological excavations performed at San Pawl Milqi and at Tas-Silg district, by the "Missione Archeologica di Roma," we are proud to say that some members of our Society such as Chev. Bonellb and Mgr. Coleiro advised and co-operated with the archeological team.

Another occasion on which members of our Society had an outstanding role was the First European Congress of Doctors.

As usual, I conclude my address withan expression of thanks to the Committee members, who showed a great interest in the progress of our Society. I thank the lecturers and the contributors of articles for the 1964 number of Melita Historica. Above all I tender my thanks to the Editor Fr. B. Fiorini, who, both as. Secretary and as Editor, is very Keen in the fulfillment of his double task.

I extend also my thanks to the Director and Administrative Secretary of the Catholic Institute as well as to the Provincial Father of the Friars Minor Conventual, who very courteously lend us their premises to meet therein, and to you all for your kind and generous, moral and financial help for the welfare of the Society and for the promotion of the historical studies in Malta.

After the address the Hon. Treasurer read his report on the financial state of the Society. Receipts during 1964 amounted to 101-17-6, while the expenditure during the same time was 96-12-3. Balance in hand amounts to 91-9-2. The Committee election then followed. Mgr. A. Bonnici was confirmed by acclamation as Chairman. The following were elected members for 196.5:Rev. Fr. B. Fiorini; Prof. J, Galea, M.D.; Chev. S.R. Leopardi; Dr. E. Sammut, LL.D.; Chev. V. Bonello; Dr. A. Ganado, LL.D.; Chev. V. Denaro and Dr. P. Cassar, M.D.

15th March, 1965; Seventy-second General Meeting held at the Catholic Institute, F'loriana. A lecture was delivered by Dd. E. CesareoM.D., S.B. O.St.J. on the Subject "Valletta in the last period of the Order of St. John De Rohan Hompesch'".

12th May, 1965: Seventy-third General Meeting held at the British Institute, Valetta. Mgr.Prof. E. Coleiro delivered a lecture on "Maltese coins of the Roman period".