Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 4(1966)3(224)

[p.224] Reviews 1966

SAYDON P. P. List of Publications by Members of the Teaching Staff of the University, Malta University Press. 1966, pp. 120.

The University of Malta should be grateful to Mgr. Prof. P. P. Saydon for his compilation of the bibliographical list of publication, by Professors and Lecturers of our Alma Mater from 1700 to the present day. The list is arranged according to the diverse Faculties Theology, Law, Medicine. Architecture and Engineering, Arts and Science.The Author closes the list with the publications of the Rectors. Mgr. Saydon hints to some defects in no way due to negligence on his part which mar his work, which honestly is, as he himself believes "fairly complete and truly representative of the varied activities of the Professors of our University", and we add painstaking. The publications mentioned embrace a most wide range of subjects: biblical commentaries, explanation of Catholic truths, solution of moral cases, collection of pastoral letters, comments on Maltese Law,, papers on educational and constitutional development, historical works, social questions, medical treatments, notes on natural history, poetical and literary compositions, treatises on philology and astronomy, writings on chemical complexes and archeological remains, inaugural addresses and sundry talks. It is rather surprising that some of the teaching staff, especially the older ones, wrote on this or that subject, but published almost nothing on the subject they taught! The list evidently shows that recent teachers are keener in publishing their works, although we cannot say that their publications are always the product of personal research work. As a Professor emeritus of the Royal University, whose works have been mentioned in Prof. Saydon's list. I feel in duty bound to thank the Author and to congratulate him for having lifted the veil that shrouded several stars of our Alma Mater and given scholars a bibliographical aid in their studies.

Mgr. Art. Bonnici