Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 4(1967)4(288-289)

KINGS, RULERS AND STATESMEN. Compiled and edited by L.F. Wise and E.W. Egan. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1967. Pp. 446. Clothbound. $4.95 (trade); $4.89 (net. Reinforced Library Ed.).

Here is a vast mine of useful information, arranged alphabetically by country, listing rules and statesmen of all modern independent states, some modern dependencies and protectorates, and significant states of the past, both sovereign and semi-sovereign. This volume will be most useful to teachers, students, and researchers; for it enables one quickly to find the place of any given [289] personage in the chronology of his particular country. There are over 700 illustrations in the text which have been chosen “with an eye to highlighting the less familiar aspects of the man or period, as well as the better-known facts. Those states which are defunct and which now form part of a single modern state are listed alphabetically within the heading of the modern state. For example, Brittany and Burgundy are included under France.

The compilers of this work make no claim that the volume is complete. This reviewer noted that in the section under Malta there was no listing of the Grand Masters of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem who ruled Malta and the dependencies of Gozo and Comino from 1530 to 1798. Nevertheless, this book does present the most complete listing available in English of rulers and statesmen of ancient and modern states. As such this work will be an indispensable guide in any modern library or reference collection, and will provide the serious student with valuable data not always readily accessible.

Berner C. Weber,
University of Alabama,