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[1952] Vol. I no. 1

Bonnici, Arthur Another step forward, pp. 1-2

Bonello, Vincenzo Il primo architetto dell'Ordine a Malta, pp. 3-6

Lee, Hilda I. The development of the Malta Constitution, 1813-1849 pp. 7-18

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Galea, Joseph Malta and the second world war. A bibliography, pp. 33-51

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(ed.), Five naval journals 1798-1817 by H.G. Thursfield, pp. 53,
Galea Joseph, The Keith papers. by Lord Lloyd Christopher Keith, pp. 53-4
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La orden de Malta y las acciones navales Espa?olas contra Turcos y berberiscos en los siglos XVI y XVII. by Jaime Salva, pp. 54
Political parties in Malta following on the rising against the French. by Walter Ganado, pp. 55

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Statute of the Malta Historical Society v.I pp. 56

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Minutes of Meetings April 12, 1950 pp. 58-60

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Report on the Work of the Society for 1950-51, pp. 61-62

[1953] Vol. I no. 2

Bonnici, Arthur, Towards a National Bibliography, pp. 65-67

Fiorini, Bonaventura, Le relazioni tra l'Ordine dei Frati Minori Conventuali di Malta e l'Ordine Gerosolimitano, pp. 68-74

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Malta in British periodicals 1915-1951. A select list, pp. 75-86

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Hughes, J. Quentin The influence of Italian mannerism upon Maltese architecture, pp. 104-110

G., Medical work of the Knights Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem. by Edgar Erskine-Hume pp. 111-12
Zarb, Seraphin M., Histoire de Malte. by Jacques Godechot, pp. 113-14
Cassar-Pullicino, Guze, Nuqqas ta' kotba fil-bibljoteka ta' Malta: kalendarji u almanakki by Guze Gatt, pp. 114-15
The history of Maltese dentistry.
by J. Fiorini, pp. 115
The Water Supply Resources of Malta
by T.O. Morris, pp. 116
Bibliographical aids to the study of Maltese.
by Peter Paul Saydon, pp. 116
Prelate who made History: Tribute to a Maltese Diplomat
by George Zammit, pp. 116,
Ġanni Vassallo - Tifkira
by Anthony Cremona, pp. 116
Id-Djar tal-Isqfijiet t'Ghawdex
by Anthony Cassar, pp. 116
Galea, Joseph, Nelson's Band of Brothers by L. Kennedy, pp. 116

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Society and other news - minutes of meetings, pp. 117-118

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Hon. Secretary's Report for 1952, pp. 119-121

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Society of Archaeology, History and Natural Sciences (1866-68), pp. 122-124

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Restoration of Preti's Paintings, pp. 125-126

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Government Archives in Wartime, pp. 127-128

[1954] Vol. I no. 3

Cassar, Paul Psychological and medical aspects of the siege of 1565, pp. 129-140

Cremona, A. L'Antica fondazione della scuola di lingua araba in Malta - parte 2a, pp. 141-149

Simpson, Donald H. A checklist of British official publications relating to Malta 1801-1950, pp. 150-155

Bonnici, Arthur Reasons for the delay in the appointment of bishop F.S. Caruana, pp. 156-163

Mercieca, Arturo Sir Adriano Dingli sommo statista legislatore, magistrato - parte 1a, pp. 164-184

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Exchange of Publication pp. 184

Cassar-Pullicino, Guze, Seeking the site of St Paul's shipwreck by W. Burridge, pp. 185

Fejn nizel Malta San Pawl. by Luret Cutajar, pp. 185
Malta - The story of Manoel Island. by S. Cooper, pp. 185-6
The epidemic of poliomyletis in Malta during 1950-51: notes and observations. by Joseph Galea, pp. 186
A century of butterfly hunting in Malta by A. Valletta, pp. 186-7
Argotti botanic gardens by C. Penza, 54 pp. 187

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Society and other News pp. 187-192

[1955] Vol. I no. 4

Cassar, Paul Psychological and medical aspects of the siege of 1565, pp. 193-206

Cremona, A. L'Antica fondazione della scuola di lingua araba in Malta - parte 3a, pp. 207-220

Mercieca, Arturo Sir Adriano Dingli sommo statista legislatore, magistrato - parte 2a, pp. 221-260

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Society News (1955), pp. 261

[1956] Vol. II no. 1

Storace, J.E. Prehistoric man in Malta worked on a system of measurements, pp. 1-4

Hughes, J. Quentin The genesis of St. John's, Valletta and a new interpretation of Bramante's design for St. Peter's, Rome, pp. 5-13

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph The Malta Directory and Trade Index (1956), pp. 13

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Valletta, Anthony Bibliography of the Lepidoptera-Heterocera of the Maltese Islands, pp. 42-43

Inguanez, Maurus The archives of the Università di Gozo: a classified list, pp. 44-47

Bonello, Vincenzo La chiesa conventuale di S. Giovanni, pp. 48-54

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Leopardi, E.R., Malta and the Maltese: A study in nineteenth century migration by Charles A. Price, pp. 56-7
Cassar-Pullicino, Guze Britain in Malta 2. II. by Harrison Smith, pp. 55-6

Cassar Pullicino, Joseph Other Biographical Notices pp. 59-60

A.A.V.V. In Memoriam pp. 61-64

[1957] Vol. II no. 2

Luke, Harry A word of appreciation, pp. 65

Darmanin, J.F. The buildings of the order of H.M. victualling yard, Malta, n. pp. 66-72

Simpson, Donald H. Some public monuments of Valletta 1800-1955, pp. 73-87

Mea, John Customs tariff in Malta since 1530, pp. 88-93

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Leopardi, E.R. In Memoriam Ettore li Gotti (1910-1956), pp. 139-140

Weber, Bernerd Clarke, The mint of Malta, The Malta siege ingots of 1799. by Victor Denaro pp. 140

[1958] Vol. II no. 3

Weber, Bernerd Clarke The history of Malta, 1500-1798. Some opportunities for research and writing, pp. 141-145

Zammit Gabaretta, Anthony Solemn entrance of the grand master Fra Raimundus de Perellos y Rocafull into the city of Vittoriosa and its historical background, pp. 146-149

Simpson, Donald H. Some public monuments of Valletta 1800-1955, pp. 150-157

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Bonnici, Arthur The dismemberment of the Maltese See from the metropolitan See of Palermo, pp. 179-181

Luttrell, Anthony T. A note on the archives of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in Spain, pp. 182-185

Leopardi, E.R. Bandi & c., of the XV century, pp. 186-195

Galea, Joseph Documenti per servire alla storia medievale maltese, pp. 196-199

[1959] Vol. II no. 4

Denaro, Victor F. Houses in Kingsway and Old Bakery Street, Valletta, pp. 201-215

Wettinger, Godfrey Coron captives in Malta. An episode in the history of slave dealing, pp. 216-223

Cavaliero, Roderic E. The decline of the Maltese corso in the XVIIIth century. A study in maritime history, pp. 224-238

Zammit, Gabaretta Anthony Una descrizione contemporanea della Città Valletta nel 1800, pp. 239-241

Lanfranco, Guido G. Bibliography. The more important articles on Maltese natural history, pp. 241-242

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The Maltese obsidianal coins of 1800. by Victor Denaro, pp. 262-3
The sovereign order of Malta by Joseph Galea, pp. 263
The Valletta armoury and a letter from Sir Guy Laking by Edward Sammut, pp. 263

[1960] Vol. III no. 1

Denaro, Victor F. The Manoel Theatre, pp. 1-4

Vella Tomlin, Reginald Glimpses of natural science in an eighteenth century manuscript, pp. 5-52

Lanfranco, Guido G. Cynomorium Coccineum Linn., A Maltese historical plant, pp. 53-70

Weber Bernerd, Clarke An unpublished letter of Jean de la Valette, pp. 71-73

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The monuments of Mdina: the ancient capital of Malta and its treasures by Edward Sammut, pp. 70
Interessi fiorentini nell'economia e nella politica dei Cavalieri Ospedalieri di Rodi nel Trecento by Anthony Luttrell, pp. 73
The French occupation of Malta: a study in bibliography. by Joseph Galea , pp. 80,

Luttrell, Anthony T. Venetians at mediaeval Malta, pp. 74-80

[1961] Vol. III no. 2

Denaro, Victor F. More houses in Valletta, pp. 1-8

Smith, Harrison Relations between the court at St. Petersburg and the count of the grand masters at Malta, pp. 9-13

Fiorini, Bonaventura La chiesa ed il convento di San Paolo a Mare dei frati minori conventuali: note storiche, pp. 14-18

Fiorini, Bonaventura Activities of the Society, pp. 19-23

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[1962] Vol. III no. 3

Fiorini, Bonaventura Il convento di S. Francesco in Rabat (Malta) dei frati minori conventuali, pp. 1-41

Denaro, Victor F. Still more houses in Valletta, pp. 42-58

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[1963] Vol. III no. 4

Lee, Hilda I. British policy towards the religion, ancient laws and customs in Malta 1824-1851, pp. 1-14

Denaro, Victor F. Yet more houses in Valletta, pp. 15-32

Cassar, Paul British doctors and the study of medical and natural history of Malta in the nineteenth century, pp. 33-41

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Works Published by Members of the Society, pp.69-70, Fiorini, Bonaventura

Fiorini Bonaventura Activities of the Society, pp. 66-68

[1964] Vol. IV no. 1

Lee, Hilda I. British policy towards the religion, ancient laws and customs in Malta 1824-1851. pp. 1-13

Bonnici, Arthur The oath question pp. 14-26

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Il-Madonna tal-Mirakli
by Raphael Bonnici-Cali, pp. 75

Works Published by Members of the Society, pp.75-76, Fiorini, Bonaventura

[1965] Vol. IV no. 2

Schiavone, Lorenzo R. Di alcuni scritti intorno al grande assedio del 1565, pp. 77-95

Azzopardi, Francis The activities of first known capuchin in Malta Robert of Eboli, pp. 96-110

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Malta and the czars (1697-1802).
by Andrew P. Vella, pp. 143

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[1966] Vol. IV no. 3

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[1967] Vol. IV no. 4

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[1968] Vol. V no. 1

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[1969] Vol. V no. 2

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[1970] Vol. V no. 3

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[1972] Vol. VI no. 1

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[1973] Vol. VI no. 2

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