Copyright The Malta Historical Society, 2005.

Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 5(1971)4(348)

[p.348] Obituary Notice: MGR. PROF. P. P. SAYDON, B.Lin., B.L.Can., L.S.S.

The beginning of Springtime 1971 saw the death of Mgr. Prof. Saydon (1896-1971) who was one of the first members of the Malta Historical Society. Malta's renowned Biblical scholar, will remain known for his translation of the Bible from original sources into Maltese. He was ordained priest in 1919, and he studied both at the University of Malta and the Biblical Institute of Rome. He was also a member of various international Biblical associations. Besides proving to be a prolific writer of various articles on Biblical subjects, Mgr. Saydon also showed keen interest in Maltese history, particularly with regard to the Phoenician civilization of the Islands and the origins of the Maltese language.

Mgr. Saydon will remain known for his courage and initiative to take the lead, together with other personalities, such as Dun Kami Psaila, to defend the Maltese language and affirm its rights.

All those who knew him as well as those interested in Biblical and Maltese studies, will surely appreciate a new edition of his monumental translation of the Bible together with his commentaries.

May his ideal serve as an inspiration to the present and the future generations of Malta.

C. G. S.