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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 6(1973)2(211-212)

MALTA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, Valletta, For the Record, 1973.

For the Record (Malta Library Association Occasional Paper, 4) is a collection of Memoranda and Statements of the MLA drawn up over the past five years, 1969-1973. As the Hon. Secretary of the MLA says in the Foreword to the collection, “the files of an Association accumulate a fair amount of material which because of the nature of its contents cannot be divulged at the time of writing. Such are Memoranda to various [p.212] Government Ministries. Other material, such as Statements to the Press, become lost in the mass of newspaper information.” By making these documents available for handy reference to its members and other interested persons the MLA hopes to throw light on the possibilities of library development in the Maltese Islands.

Among the topics touched upon in FOR THE RECORD are: the need of overhauling the staff structure at the Royal Malta Library and of employing professionally trained librarians there; the changing of the designation ‘Junior Assistant Librarian’ at the Gozo Public Library; censorship reform and the publication of the Inter-Departmental Committee report on the subject; school libraries; and, the new Public Lending Library system.

In these writings, the MLA also calls for the setting up of a State Libraries Department (Public Libraries Department does not cover the National Library and School Libraries), for a clear administrative division between the Royal Malta Library (Malta’s National Library) and the Public Lending Library, and for a National Council for Libraries and Information Services.