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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 6(1973)2(213)

A. ZAMMIT GABARRETTA, Il-Birgu fil-ġimgħa tal-Għid, Veritas Press 1973, uu. 17.

Since the beginning of the Liturgical Movement, lovers of Maltese Folklore have started, very rightly, collecting memoirs of songs, chants, hymns, processions, food, drinks and old usages in the Maltese archipelago. Canon Zammit Gabarretta has given us some aspects of the traditions during Holy Week in St. Lawrence’s. Collegiate Church based on the Diary left by L. Lanzon who wrote at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Among other things, it is interesting to note that when the British came to Malta, the flag of the Order of St. John, held in the hands of the statue of the Risen Christ, was replaced by a palm branch Temendo dispiacere ... all'attuale governo inglese; it was subsequently replaced.

A. Vella