Copyright © The Malta Historical Society, 2005.

Source: Melita Historica : Journal of the Malta Historical Society. 6(1975)4(443)

(JOHN AZZOPARDI) Tifkira tar-Raba’ Ċentinarju mit-Twaqqif tal-Arċikonfratern tas-SSmu. Sagrament fil-Knisja Proto-Parrokkjali taSan Pawl, Rabat. Stamperija Palbo, Rabat, 1975, 32 pp., ill.

(JOHN AZZOPARDI & C. CEFAI) Tifkira tal-Festi li saru fil-Kolleġġjata tar-Rabat, fGħeluq il-50-Sena mit-Tiġrif tal-Koppla. Palbo Press, Rabat (1975), 52 pp., ill.

The two publications contain articles referring to the history of the parochial church of St. Paul, Rabat. In the first one, Fr John Azzopardi outlines the history of the Holy Sacrament Confraternity, with notes on its archives. In the second, the. same author publishes a catalogue of the exhibition held in Rabat to mark the 50th anniversary of the reconstruction of the church’s dome following an earthquake in 1923; Fr. C. Cefai contributes an article on Mgr. Enrico Bonnici. These are specimens of publications on local church history, which should certainly be encouraged in order to acquaint the people with local historical facts and their interpretation.

G. Mangion