Copyright The Malta Historical Society, 2005.

Source: Melita Historica. [Malta Historical Society]. 7(1976)1(97-98)

H. A. CLEWS, The Malta Year Book 1976, published by De La Salle Brothers, Giov. Muscat & Co. 1976, 530 pp., illus.

Brother Hilary Clews deserves all our praise for the veritable feat he has performed in editing the Malta Year Book for the past twenty years. The book is practically exhaustive of most that one needs to know about Malta. It is no mean task to condense so much useful information and so many reliable details in a single publication, and to do so single-handedly. The printing is good except for the hazy illustrations, the proof-reading excellent, the lay-out quite satisfactory, and the selling price per copy (1.15) more than reasonable. The items published here cover a variety of interests, but perhaps one or two articles (such as P C [p.98] Lewis' "What I shall remember about Malta") might have found a more suitable place in one of our dailies than in a reference book such as the one under review. The De La Salle Brothers deserve our commendation, I repeat, for filling a gap and publishing a book of national importance for no less than a quarter of a century. Yet perhaps the time is ripe for new ideas. A team of professionals including the present editor could undertake the task of editing a national information book. This could be published once every two years. Articles commissioned by the editor should be of high standard and 'permanent' interest. Government should contribute to make the new Malta Year Book a truly national publication, on a par with that of other countries.

G. Mangion