Copyright The Malta Historical Society, 2005.

Source: Melita Historica. [Malta Historical Society]. 7(1977)2(196)

The Armed Forces of Malta Journal, Malta, Lux Press, October 1977, No. 28, pp. 57-84, illus., 50c.

This journal former titles: The Royal Malta Artillery Journal, 1969-1971; The Malta Land Force Journal, 1971-73 is published twice a year, in April and October. It includes news items, letters and articles of interest to members of the Malta Armed Forces, whose official organ this is. Articles are almost invariably of a historical nature, though most of them are short, if interesting, contributions which lay no claim to scientific value inasmuch as they are not the result of research work. This notwithstanding, the journal is of undoubted interest to historians. The present issue introduces the first instalments of two historical works which can later be assembled into book form. These are: Malta under the Cottoners (1660-1680), by Winston L. Zammit, and Malta: Diary of a War (June 1940-August 1945), by Michael Galea. Both articles are highly readable. The Diary of a War is collected mainly from contemporary local newspapers, I suppose. There seems to be, in this first instalment, a certain partiality for the pro-British Malta Chronicle, but it may be just a coincidence! Malta under the Cottoners presupposes a considerable amount of research, but its style is discursive (see for ex. the last paragraph of Chapter 3) and hardly compatible with a scientific approach. The editor and 'moving spirit' of the journal is Brig. A. Sammut-Tagliaferro, author of the History of the Royal Malta Artillery.

G. Mangion