Copyright The Malta Historical Society, 2005.

Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 7(1979)4(379)

JOSEPH MIZZI, Catalogue of the Records of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in the National Library of Malta, Malta University Press 1979: vol. II, Part 5, pp. 677-1002. M5,00.

With the publication of this volume, Fr Joseph Mizzi's first-class contribution towards a printed catalogue of the Order's official Records comes to an end (see previous review in M.H. 1979, p. 294). The following volumes have been published to date: vol. I, 228 pp., 1964 (in conjunction with Can. A Zammit Gabarretta); vol. II, part 1, 168 pp., 1970: part 2, 164 pp., 1973: part 3, 148 pp., 1978: part 4, 196 pp., 1978: [p.380] part 5, 325 pp., 1979; vol. Ill, in three parts, 788 pp., 1965 (in conjunction with Zammit Gabarretta and Mgr Vincent Borg); vol. IV, 26 pp., 1964 (with Zammit Gabarretta); vol. VII, 252 pp., 1964 (with Zammit Gabarretta); vol. VIII, 132 pp., 1967 (with Z. Gab. and V. Borg); vol. X, 110 pp., 1969; vol. XI, 206 pp., 1969; vol. XII, 176 pp., 1968; vol. XIII, 106 pp., 1967. Volumes V, VI and IX have not been issued. Fr Mizzi's work is now being continued by Fr F Azzopardi, OFM Cap. The Archives of the Order of St John are the greatest documentary asset on this Island, our most valuable historical treasure. Hence the usefulness of this Catalogue, which should be properly publicised abroad. No respectable research library can afford to do without a copy.

Giovanni Mangion