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Source: Melita Historica. [Published by the Malta Historical Society]. 8(1983)4(345)


AGOSTINO PERTUSI, Martino Segonio di Novo Brdo Vescovo di Dulcigno: un umanista serbo-dalmato del tardo Quattrocento Vita e opere. Istituto Storico Italiano per il Medio Evo: Studi Storici, fasc. 128130, Rome, 1981, pp. 421; 36 plates.

In this posthumous work Pertusi publishes a Breve descrizzione dell'Isola di Malta (pp. 145-146) which he ascribes to Martino Segonio who died in about 1486 and for whom Pertusi posits an undocumented visit to Malta around 1475/82 (p. 20). Pertusi had already published this tract in his "Le isole maltesi dall'epoca bizantina al periodo normanno e svevo (sec. V-XIII)...," Byzantische Forschungen, v (1977), 294. Pertusi considers it to be the original behind Jean Quintin's work recently republished in The Earliest Description of Malta (Lyons, 1536) by Jean Quintin d'Autun, ed. and trans. H. Vella (Malta, 1980). Vella also publishes the same Breve descrizzione (p. 101-102) and shows that in fact it was a late work derived from Quintin's account (pp. 6-7). Given the importance of Quintin's Descriptio and the scholarly distinction of Pertusi and the Studi Storici, it seems important to avoid the confusions which might derive from any mistaken acceptance of the idea that this tract was composed before 1486.